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    Straight Male / 49

    I have this wish, that I could have been a fly on the wall, and followed my wife around before we met. She has told me all about her sexual past, and it turns me on so damn much. I love hearing about all the guys she's been with and what she has done with them. I would love to have been present so that I could have watched her from beginning to end with each one. I want a front row seat to see how she acted as they all tried to get her to fuck or suck them. I wish I could watch her as they fucked her mouth, and shot their loads of hot cum down her throat. Or watch as they get her undressed, and get her into a position and plow her sweet tight pussy. I want to hear her moans of pleasure as they pound away at her, and fill her to overrunning with their cum, or pull out and cover her with it. Sometimes when I'm alone and horny, I run one of her stories through my mind as I stroke my stiff cock, and wish that I could see the actual event, up close. Does anyone else feel this way about their wife/girlfriend?

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    My guess is it's a fairly common fantasy for husbands/boyfriends to want to watch their partner get fucked by other guys, myself included, the raunchier the better. Your fantasy is only different in that you want to be able to see her in her past with her past partners, knowing full well that she's your wife now.

    Almost the same but it's a safer fantasy knowing she had them back in the day but she comes home to you every day now!


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