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    Straight Female / 21

    When my b/f Teddy proposed to me I told him we had to talk before I gave him an answer. One of the things I cleared immediately is that I went to work for a man after graduating from HS and the man, Mario, married, close to three times my age, was fucking me and I liked it. Mario had two daughters, both years older than me.

    Teddy took it in stride so I opened up my iPhone and showed him Mario and more importantly, his cock. Teddy said, "Good God, you mean you accommodate that thing, it's larger than a beer can." I told Teddy that it goes in and out smoothly and he always uses a condom. Teddy wanted me badly enough to go along with it, so we married. Mario fucks me between two to five times a week, never on weekends when he is home with his family.

    Mario is completely bald, has a potbelly and is about five inches shorter than me. He won't fuck me in a car but after Teddy and I married I selected an apartment with a nearby stairwell so Mario had a place for our fornication.
    each time he drove me home at night.

    To sum up the way it is just now, Mario comes in less than two minutes, just as I am warming up to really fuck. He is either sitting on a step where I ride him or I sit on a step and spread for Mario.

    I am 21, with natural, very light blonde hair and wear no makeup so I look like a child and when people see me with Mario they assume I am his child, never imagining that he slams me balls deep with his fire hydrant cock. Mario saw a film when anal fucking and he wants to try it since his wife practically blew a valve when he asked. Teddy is supportive and just told me to see a pharmacist about the right lubrication. Teddy, who has been fucking my asshole since day one, sometimes sits in the stairwell one story up, to hear Mario fuck me. He actually gets hot and hard so when Mario leaves and I go into the apartment it often means that Teddy and I will fuck a regular long one.

    Mario has not done anal with me at this writing, but intends to since I'm game for it. We will do it in a hotel room. My only problem is that Teddy exhibits no jealousy at all and seems not to care about Mario's fucking me. I causes me to think that Teddy does not really love me. Mario would die if I told him that Teddy knows everything even the size of his whopper and how often he drives it into me.

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    Well honey you cant have it both ways. To be perfectly honest your husband doesnt care because he's fucking someone else also and if he was you couldnt say a damn thing about it.

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