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    Straight Female / 31

    I shared on office with a guy while we worked at Brand X. He was nice enough, but he had a habit of looking. Looking at my tits, looking at my ass, looking at my cleavage, looking at my crotch, looking at my lips and my eyes. He looked at me all the time, he would sit there and describe to me how he was undressing me and how my boobs were, he imagined, and how my legs were, and how my pussy was, he imagined. While he talked he would get an erection and as he sat beside me he turned his chair and rubbed his erection in his pants and would describe how he was fucking me, he imagined, and how his dick was sliding into my vagina. Sometimes he would ejaculate and he would have to hide his wet spot on his jeans. I always got wet. He would ask me to describe how his dick felt in my mouth, how his dick felt when it was penetrating my pussy. But it was talk, I never sucked his dick and he never fucked my pussy.

    One Monday he came to work and told me that he and two buddies had gone to a strip joint. He described the girls and their tits and how they bent over and moved their hips in their face, and how he could see their swollen pussy in their G-string. He asked me to hike up my skirt, bend over and pull my panties tight so he could see my pussy in my panties. Of course I did not agree. He took out his dick and masturbated for me. He was showing me his erect dick and he asked to see my pussy, so I opened my legs and pulled up my skirt so he could see my pussy in my panties. He ejaculated onto the carpet and told me to go get a paper towel and wipe it up.

    At night I masturbated, I masturbated imagining his erect dick in my pussy. I had a hand held friend, that I used, it was rubber penis that I had inherited from my college roommate. M.y pussy filled with my friend, dreaming of his erect dick, dreaming of his dick shooting his cum onto the carpet, I got off orgasm after orgasm.

    One Thursday, Thursday's were ladies night at the strip club, I asked him to take me. At the strip club I showed him which girls he should ask for, and we agreed not spend more than $200 dollars, and he called the girls to come over and dance for me, to let their boobs out in my face and to bend over and spread their legs open and let me look at their swollen pussy in their G-strings. He watched me, he looked hard at my tits and told me he wanted my tits real bad. He told me he wanted my pussy real bad. No one was going to know that he fucked me, but he had to get to my pussy.

    In the car after we left the club he couldn't keep his hands off of me and stripped open my shirt and got my boobs out and he wanted to fuck me right there. We went straight to my apartment and he pushed me on to my bed and stripped my pants off and ate my pussy. While he was eating me I got the rest of me naked, and pushed him off and spread my legs and told him to fuck me.

    His dick was hard in my hand, he got on me and I found my vagina with his dick head and he shoved in. It was nothing like my friend, which is lifeless, hard but lifeless, his dick was hard and hot and was tearing me up, and then, he lost his erection, he just willowed away to nothing, his dick slipped out of my pussy and I was left half fulfilled, wet and miserable, no dick to fuck me.

    All that time talking about it, all that time thinking about it, the evening getting horny watching girls dance naked in front of me, and all I had was my heart shutting down and he was laying on his back with his limp dick apologizing.

    No need for anyone to report that we were fucking around at work.

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    He drank to much alcohol is all. Give him another shot at the prize.
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    I bet your pussy was too loose. Maybe he was grossed out by the smell. Clean your ass and do keigle
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    It may have been the alcohol,but probably not. You can give him a second try as suggested by # 1. I'm guessing it wasn't the alcohol. Men "bite off more than they can chew". If you are married you pretty much have to put up with a "no fucking ",quick cumming husband. But if you are single.... Next,just like guys do. Remember,it's not that you have a loose or big pussy,its that the guy has a little dick! Not your fault or problem he can't fill the void.

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