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    Straight Female / 38

    My name is Lucy, originally from the UK. I've been working in the states for about two years at a tech company and I've got the biggest lady boner for one of my coworkers, Mike. He's been my friend pretty much since I started and we have lunch together every single day. There's been a closeness developing between us from the start, though he's been married to a stupid c**t up until just a few months ago. She took just about everything he had and ran off with her personal trainer (true story). I've been watching some of the slags in the office throw their ugly c**ts at him and he's completely oblivious to them, so cute. He still hangs out with me though, every day, so that's a huge plus. I've tried dating here and there, but there's just no spark, and they aren't as interesting as Mike is to me.

    I'm a good girl, usually pretty shy, keep to myself. No one would ever know the dirty thoughts I have about this man. I have some of the strangest fantasies about him, makes my pussy ache for him pretty much all the time. Sometimes at work I'll just be sitting in my cubicle, squeezing my legs and thighs together thinking about riding him or sucking him off, or just conquering his cock like a raging Goddess. It's hard to focus on marketing and demographics when your girl parts are throbbing! ;)

    Even the thought of him previously fucking his blonde bimbo wife turn me on, and that's a new one for me for sure. I've met her several times at company functions, painted up like a Barbie Doll or some kind of cheerleader, that southern belle twang hiding the fact that he surely used her like a cum rag at some point or another. Why in the world does that make me so hot? Why do I want him to do the same thing to me?

    Anyway, since he's alone and I'm alone I've invited him to my flat for Thanksgiving with two goals; to feed him and to fuck his brains out and make him mine. No condoms, no holding back. All the problems in his life can and will be solved between my legs, and I can't wait! I'll let you all know how it turns out, wish me luck!!! This gal is going to get her man!

    God, now I have to change my panties...still have to get SOME work done today. LOL.


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    Stop chatting about it and get it done then report right back here. We want a full report of your accomplishments after you have given the man his due raise.
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    We're looking forward to your post-Thanksgiving update!

    Just curious though, how many pairs of panties do you soak through in one day thinking about Mike? He's going to LOVE licking your pussy and all your juice if you drip just half as much as you say!!

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    Mike is going to be one lucky man.. Please tell us everything..
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    #2, I usually have to keep one extra pair in my purse at all times. There's about a 70% chance I will need them. I love slinky undies, too, so I get extra turned on just feeling them as it is, then Mike comes around and the waterworks begin, as it were.
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    I am so desperate to read about how you finally fucked this man.. how he eventually got his big hard dick up inside your lovely wet c**t....jsalsbury88@@h*****l.**m I do hope you write to me..... I bet it will be fantastic.... will you let him in your arse ? what will you do if he's only got a little stubby pencil cock ?
    do you think the other c**ts in the office will bitch about you when you finally get mike into bed?
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    Omg, I hope you get with Mike! Waiting for the post!

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