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    Gay Male / 25

    As a new graduate with a degree in Marketing I got a job in outside sales for an agricultural equipment manufacturer. After my six week orientation about the equipment, I was assigned for six month training with an experienced sales manager. Our first outing was to visit several large corporate offices in the Midwest and make presentations of some of the newer models of equipment. He told me that the company policy was that salesmen on the road shared a room, I didn't know better so I never asked.

    Our first stop was in Cincinnati, an he booked us into this hotel in a room with two double beds. We went out and had dinner and returned to the room. With the television on he undressed and while I was watching television he walked around with in his undershirt but nothing else. I was laid back on my bed and he would come by and check his watch, and stand there with his penis hanging out under his undershirt. How can you not look? I looked, I guess I looked a bit too long. He caught me looking and when I looked up at him he smiled. He asked me if I wasn't going to get ready for bed.

    I got undressed, I slept in my boxers, so getting ready was about getting down to my boxers. I was in my bed and he sat on the bed beside mine, with his legs crossed and his penis laying there under this undershirt. It was impossible not see it. I mean, I was stupid. Never crossed my mind. Finally the lights were turned off and I turned over to go to sleep. He was in his bed and started talking about being on the road, no matter how long he had been on the road, it was always bad getting to bed, that is when a man needed company, and what did I think?

    What did I think? I told him I thought that a man always needed company, hell it was bad to get so damn desperate that you had to jack off to get relief. He laughed and agreed. He asked me how I jacked off and went on to describe how he jacked off, that he always traveled with some lotion, he liked to the feel of sliding his hand up and down his pecker in a tight grip. He said he had some lotion if I needed any.

    Then, just like that he stood up out of bed with his 'pecker' hard up under his undershirt, and picked up my sheets and got in beside me. He knew what he was doing, and he got me in a vice grip and with his hand hunting for my penis while he humped up hard against my backside. I had fucked a lot of girls, and as he was humping up against me I kept thinking that this is what girls must feel when a guy is going to get them, it felt both awful and good at the same time, his hand had managed to get my boxers down and his 'pecker' was going a hundred miles an hour against my backside, I felt like laughing, it is just that it felt so fucking good, I helped get my boxers off and as he pressed against me searching for my asshole he kept telling me I was really going to like it.

    His lotion was on the nightstand, and he reached for it and poured some into his hand and washed my backside with it and he started to push his 'pecker' in. I wasn't laughing, or even thinking, I was only enjoying, I didn't even have a hard on, just feeling his penis go deeper into my ass. I had tears in my eyes, not tears of pain, tears of what has to be pleasure, every movement made me want another and another as he went in and out and in deeper and out and deeper again, telling me that he was enjoying it, and he hoped I was enjoying it because there was nothing better than a good fuck.

    All good things have to come to an end, when it ended I felt cold when he pulled it out. He got up and went to the bathroom to wash up. After he came out he said it was my turn, and I went and washed up. When I came out he held his bed open and told me to get in, he was going shown me how much he liked me.

    I guess we all have queer inside of us, and with him I had a lot of queer inside of me. Week after week on the road with him, learning how to sell to corporate customers, learning about the product, all seemed to wash away, when it came to long blow jobs and showers together, lots of fucking, and more blow jobs. During those months I lost interest in my girlfriend, I just couldn't get up the energy to pay attention to her and fucking her just wasn't the same. What I liked was having her spoon me, I wanted her to be naked against my back. But that wasn't fun for her, she wanted me on top of her and not her on top of me. So we broke up, nicely, but the fire wasn't there any more.

    No, I looked forward to Monday morning, when we met at the airport and headed off to places like Ames, Iowa.

    It is just that I am more of a natural cock sucker and I can't get enough of his 'pecker' poking out from under his undershirt, to lean over and give it a good long suck and let him know I am waiting for him to get in bed with me.

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