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    Straight Female / 22

    A good friend will offer to drive you to the emergency room when the pull ring for your cheap, faulty, ripoff ass anal beads breaks off and leaves them stuck up your ass where you can't reach.

    A great, close, perfect, beautiful, fantastic, saint of a friend who you owe your life to and will stay friends with forever because she's irreplaceable will pull them out of your ass with her own damn hand and let you sleep on her couch afterward because it's the middle of the night, you're just a little too buzzed, and walking hurts.

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    Why not just go to the emergency room?
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    With enough lube and vodka my asshole can survive having my best most amazing and perfect friend's entire whole fist pass through it to feel around and pull out the string of 9 ping pong ball sized anal beads my dumb self got stuck up in there. My asshole will recover.

    No amount of lube and vodka will help my broke ass bank account survive a trip to the emergency room right now.

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