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    I am a divorcee its me and my son at home he is 20, I am sex starved my finger is my best friend, know I shouldn't but I do watch him wanking in the shower, I know ime not the only mum to spy on there son wanking it does a lot for me, I feel excited and bad after, how about a comment from other mums

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    Go for it and enjoy.... maybe make a subtle hint that you have seen him and if he wants he can do it without the shower next time.
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    The world of sexual lust opens up for you once you let them know you're fully there for them in every way. I know as we've been having sex now for eight glorious years. My has and now gets everything he wants sexually from his extremely devoted mother.
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    I've seen my son who is 25 now naked many times and like you I've been divorced a long time, When I see him naked my eyes go straight to his cock and balls he's very similar in size to his Father but thicker and recently he's taken to shaving all of his pubic hair off which makes it look bigger, Many a time I've laid on my bed eyes closed with my fingers delving into myself imagining how that magnificent cock must feel inside his girlfriend who I've come to envy, My orgasms are always very intense when I think of him standing naked in front of me with his thick cock hard but he's my son I can't possibly fuck him no matter how much I'm tempted to.
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    The thought is one thing, acting out on it is another and would be a big mistake. Probably the single most worst thing you could do as a parent, even more so as a mother. Incest is taboo and just plain wrong for a number of reasons. If you are that needy you should be able to find any number of willing partners closer to your age easily enough. You are letting your genitals control your brain over your son. Don't make the biggest mistake of your life.
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    Next time you're watching him in the shower wanking, just strip down and go down on him. Then nature will run its course. Maybe he will start pimping you
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    FORGET about the what's right and wrong bullshit. If he's Wanking he likes it and I say this. Find a moment and get yourself some REALLY sexy gear. Black and e.g. Rubber top or bra, rubber tight hot pants, rubber stockings THEN be like a mistress and call him into a room and tell him to wank to you. At first he will be embarrassed BUT give him reason and he will.

    Right. Wrong. In the end no one cares less so enjoy the moment!

    You can tell him you need cum on your breasts and tell him you love watching him shoot.

    Before you know it you'll have him Wanking silly for you whenever you need. And in time you'll be feeling him filling you up THAT'S WHAT YOU REALLY NEED ISN'T IT? Of course.

    So go for it!!!
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    Perhaps this woman can conclude from the lack of further comments that other MOMS who share this dilemma of being sex starved yet have a mature son in house are busy getting busy with their ALSO sex starved sons!!

    What they aren't doing is wondering & writing. Look, if it was taboo, that is past tense.
    It is no longer taboo. Hopefully the fool will learn to get on her back sooner & not later for her son's sake.

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    I think family should fuck, but only the responsible.

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