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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 38

    Last month I fucked my neighbors daughter because he's always going on about how perfect she is, how special and how pure her religious beliefs are. His other annoying trait is to tell everyone who's in ear shot, just how fucking well off he is.
    Chloe is eighteen. She is as he says, very attractive and she was very virtuous. However I caught her staring at my cock bulge last month, during their annual autumn harvest barbecue. And it made me wonder if she was having thoughts of sex.
    Pulling her to one side a little later, I asked her if she'd ever been fucked. Rather than give me scripture and verse about me being foul mouthed and rude, Chloe told me her ex boyfriend used to fuck her, but his cock was tiny. Looking me in the eye, she asked me if mine was big.
    What I said to her was, if she called by the following day around lunch time, I'd show her just good it'd feel to have a real man fucking her with a big cock. She did call by and by mid afternoon I'd taught that young woman just how good it is to take eight and half inches of pure man meat down her throat, inside her sweet tasting pussy and with her asking me to, dep up her tight oh so perfect ass.
    Chloe really was a slut in ewe's clothing.
    The next day, as I was parking up from work, my neighbor popped his head over the fence and told me how much he'd made that day, and then bizarrely told me Chloe had been humming some pop tune, and not a christian church tune. It turns out the tune was a well known rap song about a girl getting properly fucked for the first time.
    I smiled at him and said "It's probably just a phase, you know how kids are". He grinned at me, but his grin lasted too long and I thought to myself, he suspects I've fucked his daughter.
    Chloe hasn't just left it at a one off time though, as she's been a regular visitor to my bed and gets ever more inventive in how she wants to be fucked. We even fucked doggy style the other day with her facing out into their back yard. I was ramming my cock up her gorgeous ass, as her father was telling one of our other neighbors just how perfect his precious little cherub is.

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    Well if you ask me, she is precious and nature is running its course. You're just trying to better yourself
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