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    The only one I have told this to is my bestie, Anne. She said, "WEIRD, sorry." Before that I had not ever thought it weird. Briefly, I nursed from mom's breasts as a child and we both loved it so much that it kept going on, and eventually we did, and do, other things. Mom said that she sucked on her own mom's breasts for years, too. How weird can it be?

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    That's HOT!! I nursed from my mom's tits as a child and then started to suckle again as a teenager when I was sad, mom never wore a bra and when I cuddle up to her chest I could feel her nipples on my cheek. my hands wandered and she never stopped me. I pulled up her shirt and placed my mouth around her dark nipple. We both enjoyed it a lot and since then I crawl into bed before school and cuddle. My dad knows I do it and says its natural and often he's in bed when I cuddle up against mommies boobies.
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    I would love to meet a mother who lets her daughter suck on hers nipples, I would titty fuck her then then tell her to feed her preteen, or teenage daughter
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    What other things did you do with your mother?

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