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    Straight Female / 18

    Panty pooping girl

    Its Emma again. I haven't posted on here for a while but I'm back now.

    I was walking home from school on Friday and I'd been holding it all day even though I was busting to go. By the middle of the afternoon I was getting desperate but I wanted to wait until I got home from rather than go at school. I kept fidgeting around in my seat during history and the teacher asked me if I needed to go to the toilet which was embarrassing. I said I was fine but the truth was that I was desperate for a poo. I tried to keep still so as not draw any more attention to myself but it wasn't easy seeing as I was about to poo myself. By the end of the day I could hardly move in case I had an accident in my knickers so I waited until everyone else had left the classroom before I got up from my seat. I clenched hard and just about managed to get up without losing control and walked slowly and carefully out of the room. I thought about going to the toilet before I left school but being a stubborn I decided to wait until I got home. The walk home from school was a challenge and the thought of doing it in my knickers scared and excited me and I secretly wanted to have an accident but I couldn't let that happen in public. I got about half way home when I felt a cramp in my stomach and I felt my bowels trying to push against my will. I clenched hard and just about managed to keep control but it wasn't easy. My heart raced in excitement at the thought of using my underwear as a toilet and I couldn't resist the temptation to relax. As soon as I did I felt my poo coming out into my knickers and it felt so good I didn't try to stop it. I peed myself as well and when my pee stopped I was still pooping. I totally filled my knickers and bits of it were falling onto the pathway. It was a big relief and I was horny as hell so when I got home I masturbated before I cleaned up and I had a fantastic orgasm and I got my fingers covered in poo.

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    The smell of human poop is just so awful
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    I have my wife shit her panties whenever we can.
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    Beware of renal infections. Do not let poo get into your urethra or vagina.
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    Human waste is the most dangerous due to the complexity of the alimentary canal and our blood stream. The great number of microbes and toxins released into it are formidable and can result in lethal diseases. There are solid reasons why nature causes most of us to be repelled by it.
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    One of the girls I fucked in the ass a few times got shit on my dick once. Probably several times really but this time I could tell the head of my cock was covered. Didn't like that much. But, since I wanted to give to her in the ass. My way of showing how much I liked that c**t.
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    Wish you had stayed away.
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    I'd love to have been that teacher.

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