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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 25

    In my area we are all Catholics. Probably the reason why I hate Catholics now...

    When I was a teen, when I just started puberty the priest for some reason chose me to be his helper. Little did I know that involved me getting fucked in the ass every Wednesday and Sunday. That went on for 4 years.

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    Did you actually like it? When I was a kid around ten a fifteen year old boy started fucking me a few times a week. He blackmailed me, telling me that he was going to tell everyone that he's been fucking me. That's how he kept me dropping my underpants down in the back for him and his after school quickies.

    After a year and he realized that I wasn't the reluctant bottom anymore he introduced me to a few of his men friends to celebrate my coming out as a really cute little cock sucker. By the time I was twelve my fresh looking cute and tight boy's ass entertained it's first mancock. Luckily modest in size but still larger than my sweet cheeks were used to.

    I moved in my thirteenth year and he told me that he'd been pimping me. I couldn't believe it, mainly because it was pretty obvious and I never thought anything about it???
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    #1 no I didnt like it but I just did it because he told me it was the right thing to do I guess. It did t hurt just felt weird to me and wasnât very satisfying. That priest got caught doing another helper two years ago and is now serving prison time for it. Turns out he did quite a few guys when they were younger. I told my mom wha happened around the time he was under investigation for it
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    There are far more important reasons to move away from the

    I would not let one rotten, fake priest cause me to disregard an entire faith.
    (not religious myself, just logical)

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    and you were supposed to keep your mouth shut unless told otherwise
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    you were supposed to keep your mouth shout unless told otherwise

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