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    Straight Female / 20

    My dad is a huge jerk.
    There was about 20 of us camping. It was friends and family.
    I was hanging out with the older boys. They were drinking. I wanted a drink. As soon as I put the beer bottle to my lips my dad shows up. We're in the middle of the woods I didn't even hear him coming.
    He says "young lady you are not old enough to drink". The boys start laughing.
    My dad is scolding me in front of them going on and on about how disrespectful this is. At the end of his rant he grabs my arm and loudly tells me I just earned myself a trip over his knee. The boys are howling with laughter.
    I'm telling him no and trying to struggle my arm away. We stop and he whacks my ass. He says "do I need to bare your bottom right here?"
    I say "no sir". We continue on.
    We get to our tent and he tells me get in there and get your pants off. As I'm going in I see the boys gave moved closer. My dad yells for my mom and loudly tells her I have a punishment coming and he'll be out in a few.
    I know not to make him wait so before he gets in the tent I have already taken off my pants.
    I have to lay down on my back and lift my feet. At this point he is using his hand on my underwear covered butt.
    He tells me to pull them off and roll over. Now comes the belt on my bare butt. The slaps are fast and loud. I am crying and begging him to stop. I know people can hear me but I can't help it.
    He finally stops and tells me to get dressed and find some place to sit.
    I have to stay with him for the rest of the day.
    Upon leaving the tent I see the boys. They are still laughing. I'm so embarrassed. I've come to hate camping.
    I wanted to hide somewhere.

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    Thats called child abuse, and instead of them laughing it off they should have reported it.
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    He saved you from being over drinked and gang-banged. Men do not give away beers without the thought of a quick gain.
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    Underage drinking is bad. You got lucky with privacy. My dad would've whooped my ass right there bare in front of those boys
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    Fetishists are so stupid.

    Do you really think people will believe your story?
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    I think he does it mostly so he can look at your pussy. Probably wanted to see how wet it was.
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    Was yourpussy wet when you had to raise your legs?
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    Your father is way beyond being a jerk. He;s a criminal idiot. What he did was both abnormal and utterly stupid.

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