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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    My wife and I are both basically newlyweds, we got married at twenty. She's really cute and loves flirting, showing a little panty when we go out. It's fun for both of us and gets her panties wet doing it.

    She got really drunk at a friend's wedding and disappeared for better than an hour. She'd been flirting with everyone and was showing more than just a little panty so I was concerned.
    When I found her her dress was hiked up, she was bent over a couch in a conference room of the hotels with her panties down in the back.

    I know it's kinda suck but she looked so hot with her lucious lace panties barely down exposing her perfect little ass. Her panties were full of cum leaking from both holes. She'd never done anal, telling me no if I tried. I took advantage of it. Her pussy was loose and full of cum, her ass still tight and full of cum also. It told me that there was definitely more than one.

    I did things with her that she'd never let me and cleaned her up too. She doesn't remember what happened the night before other than thinking it was me. I'm so glad it happened!

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