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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    A lot to be thankful for....Thanksgiving night !

    I'm a 47yo bi, divorced father with a 21 year old son. Thursday, he and I ate Thanksgiving lunch at my parents along with 2 sisters, brothers-in-law, my twin, divorced, bi brother, 3 cousins and an aunt. My brother told me that later than night he has a date with one of his nympho female friends. He has shared many stores of her, their activities and their 3 some with a guy and her taking on 3 men once...which shifted her into overdrive. My brother and I have been fuck buddies all our lives - with each other, females and males. Because we are co-owners in a residential construction company we see each other daily and talk all the time - about everything as we are also best friends. Sometimes we go months and not touch each other or have a three way, but the other is never more than a phone call from hearing about the others activities.

    My son and I left my parents with covered plates, stopping off at Home Depot on our way home. We were watching TV when my brother called and said, "she wants to be tag teamed. Can you come over? Oh, bring your _____ (my son) its time we started including him." I was a bit put off with that suggestion, but my son, who heard the comments, smiled and said, "OH, HELL YEAH!" On the way over I told my son, we have been in the same house while the other had a date/sex in their room, but this would be different and anytime he wanted to stop, he could go to another room. My son had never been in a 3 way, much less a 4 some...he was excited.

    We walked in the back door and down to the media room where she was laying on her side and my brother was fucking her with a on the big TV. We both stripped, my son first, and I glanced at his hard cock for the first time and it was a mirror reflection of mine and my brother. Now she gets on her knees and the three of us stand with our arms around the others waist as she sucks one dick, then the other, then the other. Standing up while still bent over, my brother goes to her back side slides on a condom and rams it hard into her c**t. Her head jerked and she moaned shaking her head left to right....she was really turned on as she sucked me and my son. Then, my brother pulled out motioning me to take his place. I put on a condom and rammed mine in too... she was backing to meet my thrust. Now I am looking across her back as she is sucking my son, who has his head turned up savoring the feeling. After a few, my brother told my son to take my place...he proudly put on his condom taking his dad's place in her hot, wet, love tunnel.

    For the next how ever long it was she was tag teamed fucked in her pussy, mouth and finally her ass with each of us being in one of her holes...rotating holes and that nympho was going nuts. I laid on my back on the floor and she set on my dick facing my head. My brother stood over me and she sucked his dick while my son slide his cock up her used, gaping ass. I felt his nuts on top o f mine and felt my own sons cock just one thin piece of flesh from my dick and I thought I would blow for sure. I never imagined or considered having a 3 way with my son, but it was awesome.

    My brother paid on his back and she got over him, doggy on her knees sucking his cock. I went to the back and shoved my cock in her pussy. She pulled my son to stand over his uncles legs and she was now sucking him while my brother eat her and I fucked her. Then, she raised up off my sons cock reached around and pushed me back... out of her pussy. That is when my brother reached up and pulled my cock into his mouth sucking pussy juice of my condom covered dick. I head a slurp and looked over her back to me son who was looking down across her back, knowing his uncle had just took my dick into his mouth. My son was frozen with a blank stare on his face. Then, his twitching cock cough my eye as it twitched up and down like a rail road crossing. My son was turned on to his uncle sucking his dads dick and that is when I realized my son is me and my brother.

    She went back down on my son and he immediately screamed....raising his head as the cum dripped out of her mouth. At the same time I jerked off my condom shoving my raw dick into my twin brothers open mouth and white washed his tonsils. As soon as I pulled out he was eating her pussy...she squirted big time as she leaned down and sucked him to an orgasm.

    My son and I dressed and drove home without a word. When we got home my son said, "i had no idea you and uncle _____ were bi." I said, "I hope that didn't turn you off or effect our relationship." My son said, "So you ARE bi too?" I said, "Yes". He replied, "I didn't expect to ever be in a threeway with my dad, or uncle ____...much less learn that you are both bi." Actually, dad. Now, I'm jealous he got to suck you and not me." Was not planned, or expected just happened and so did me and my son having sex for the first time in our lives. We had to work over time on Friday, as well as most of Saturday. That night my son, my brother and I took our parents our to eat and afterwards my brother came to my house and the three of us had an all male threeway. My son had sucked a friend (experimented) before he ever had any pussy. As open as I have always been with him, his bisexuality he kept form me ...and I kept mine from him.

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    Me and my roommate in college were both bi and enjoyed each other and sharing pussy. His dad came to town for a visit and stayed at the local hotel. His second day there I was invited to dinner at the hotel and afterwards we went to his room for a drink. I went into the bathroom and when I opened the door and came out my roommate was on his knees sucking his dad's dick. I did not expect that but gladly accepted the invite to kneel beside him and suck on his dad's dick too. Then his dad sucked us...we spent the rest of the evening and all night fucking and sucking each other in ever imaginable combination/position.
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    I've been with identical twin, jock, masculine gay brothers.
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