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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    When I was about 12 years old I found my Dadâs stash of porn. One day when everyone else was out I took the VHS to my bedroom and played it. It was full of anal and double penetration stuff.

    After that I became obsessed with anal sex, and curious about how it would feel to have something up my own ass. Being young and not having sex toys readily available I used to use cucumbers, courgettes and the necks of glass bottles with a bit of lube.

    Years later I bought myself a small butt plug. My partner at the time (now ex wife) was fairly surprised as this wasnât something Iâd really mentioned before and sheâd never experimented with backdoor stuff. I said it was just for me and there was no expectation on her to get into it.

    A few months later we went out for some drinks with some friends and my ex kept smiling at me all night, as if she wanted to tell me something but backed out at the last minute. A few more drinks and a couple of hours later when we got home we undressed each other and she said âIâve got a surprise for youâ - she bent over in front of me. Sheâd had the butt plug in her ass all night! It turned out that sheâd been anally toying herself most days on her own since Iâd bought the plug - Iâd honestly had no idea and seeing as Iâd always loved anal porn it was the biggest turn on ever!

    We didnât have anal sex that night, but within a couple of months weâd lost our anal virginity to each other. Within 2 years we were âanal onlyâ and were both equally obsessed with it as each other.

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    I found my dads vhs porn tapes growing up. Lots of hairy men and women with loads of anal scenes. Probably why I love anal. But my girlfriend of 6 years got the idea to buy a strap on last year. So when we were visiting her parents for Christmas she fucked me with a strap on in her old bedroom. It was hot! I let her use it the whole week we were there
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    An older boy showed me some gay porn magazines when I was a little kid and talked me into trying the stuff in them.

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