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    Straight Female / 32

    A few weeks ago my husband and I had a massive argument over finances. He stormed out and said he was going to stay at his brothers. Angry and feeling let down, I had one too many to drink. Around ten o'clock at night I saw Eric a neighborhood kid siting on his back step. Eric's a kind of a loner and a bit geeky. Popping my head out of the window I drunkenly shouted to him if he was doing anything. When he replied why I was asking, I told him I needed a good fuck.

    Within minutes I had a skinny eighteen year old kid in our kitchen, and I was sucking on the biggest, thickest cock I've ever encountered in my life. Eric might have been shy out in the neighborhood, but god damn did he take control in our kitchen. Forcing me to suck his dick, he then had me lean on to the work surface as he ripped off my dress then my panties. Telling me I was a whore, he slid his cock right up me from behind and gave me THE fucking of my life.

    I was like a rag doll on his cock as he pounded away at me for what seemed like an hour. I climaxed over and over and lost count of how many times he made me shake like a leaf. Yet he just carried on fucking me with his enormous dick. Telling me he was nearly there, I told him to cum inside me. And my young eighteen year old skinny nerd did just that. It felt like a torrent of cum was spurting up my pussy and I wondered if he'd ever stop cumming. When he pulled out his cock or my pussy, made a whooshing sound and his cum literally flowed out of my well fucked hole.

    Eric said he's love to fuck me again, then promptly left me there with cum dripping out of my pussy. My husband and I have gotten back together again after a few days of separation, but each time Eric calls by when my husband's at work or out with his friends drinking, he's round pounding my pussy and ass.

    It might be not the right thing to say, but given the chance to, I'd dump my gold digger husband and have Eric move in with me. It's not my money he'd be after and I'd have a huge cock on tap.

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    An argument over finances,yet at the end of your work fiction you lead the reader to believe that you're well-off.

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    The biggest cock I've ever sucked....Fucked my pussy and ass as I came for hours....Came in buckets and I nearly passed all equals bullshit fantasy.
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    My husband and I had a major argument about our inability to get pregnant. He refuses to go get checked, says it'll happen when it happens.

    I, being angry went out with the girls and ended up at a downtown lounge that is mainly black on a Friday night dancing with any and all. After too much to drink I was danced into a side overflow part of the lounge that was closed with my skirt up and my panties down. My pussy was dripping wet before my panties disappeared for my first intrusion was panties aside by an aggressive BBC.

    I'd never been with another man and his hugeness strangely felt so good. I could feel his ejaculation and moments after he slipped out another took his place and then another. The third took me for the first time analy, but not till after he deposited his seed in me vaginally.

    In my drunken foolishness I'd told them my husband and I were trying to get pregnant, so they knew I wasn't in birth control. As soon as I got home, my husband was sleeping and my panties were full of them and theirs. I cleaned my self douching with water and vinegar hoping it would act as a spermicide? It's been awhile, two months and I haven't gotten my period. I've tested myself and yes I'm pregnant. The problem is that I don't know if it's my husband's or theirs? I don't know what to do!?
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    #1 My marriage broke up because my husband wanted to gamble my hard earned money away. I like this lady have my own money, and wasn't going to see some idiot spend it all on his addiction. BTW Women are allowed to have more money than their partners you know...

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