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    Straight Male / 33

    Have a few confessions to post, so will start them all with MrX.DownUnda ;)

    I've been very sexually open and active from 18 on wards, always fantasied about threesomes, watching, group sex etc. I have also always loved messaging people and learning about what they are into and what turns them on, makes them cum, and swapping pics and vids.

    Newly single again after my marriage fell apart, I've recently joined a swingers "dating" site. I started messaging one woman from the site who has quite some experience swinging, she has told me about having threesomes, group sex fmfm, and even been in a couple of gang bangs. One was just her and 4 guys, another she and a friend had 12 guys go to town on them. She's not told me more details than that, but it still turns me on so much!
    Just last night she met another guy from the site for a drink, realised wasn't interested in him so went to the motel of one of her "out-of-towners" (who was in town) that had txted her while out for the drink.

    Tonight I'm meeting her for the first time, for a drink only at this point but I hope it turns into something more. Wish me luck :P

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