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    Straight Male / 55

    I have begun to enjoy wetting my pants. It is a very sensual experience to me.

    I drink and hold it as long as possible, sometime just letting small amounts out at a time, and holding it again until it's impossible to hold it sny longer. It feels so good that I wear adult diapers so that I can enjoy the feeling while shopping, or otherwithse out in public.

    There is such a gratifying feeling when standing in a crowd and wetting my pants and then walking around with the wet diaper.

    My only regret is that most all the adult diapers leak. I have used rubber pants, and find them useless. Because of this I have been wetting at home, and then masterbate. I also find it enjoyable to watch myself wet looking in a mirror. I get very erect.

    Is there anyone else who enjoys doing this? It might be fun to get together and possibly masterbate each other after we watch each other wet their pants.

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    I have never wet myself with clothes. But almost every bath i take, i do. Not just peeing in the shower, but laying on my back and peeing on my body, and even face. I absolutely love it.
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    Try doing it in a diaper, it's great and very sensual. I know it makes me get erect which leads to masterbation.

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