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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    When I was ten I started wetting my pants and Mom took me to a doctor who said there wasnt anything wrong with me ,I was just too lazy to go to the bathroom before I pissed my pants and told her she could put up with it till I grew out of it or punish me for it and suggested the next time I did it to force me to dress as a girl ,make me wear dresses and skirts for a week ,He told her that was the fastest and easiest way to handle the problem . About a week later it happened again,I tried to convince her that I wasnt doing it on purpose but she wouldnt listen .She made me take a bath and told me to put on the clothes she laid on my bed .I refused to do it but finally put the dress ,panties,stockings and shoes on after she paddled me .For a whole week she handed me a different outfit every morning when she woke me up.I had just got out for summer vacation so I was forced to be feminized all day every day for a month . I begged and pleaded with her but she said I would have to learn to like it cause I wasnt getting out of my punishment . I did in fact begin to like being dressed as a girl a week after I started but didnt let her know and actually had fun with my punishment . I Didnt go a week after my punishment was over,I wanted to be punished again so baddly that I pissed my pants on purpose a few days later .I spent the entire summer dressed in skirts and dresses .A few months later on she caught me dressed up and she told me I could dress up if I wanted to and I never stopped doing it

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    My mom caught me dressing up in the neighbor girl's stuff and her in mine when I was a kid. She took me over her knee and I peed the panties I had on. After a while she accepted it and even bought me girl's stuff. The neighborhood boy's found out about it and they made good use of my panty clad bottom and shy pouty lips.
    17 days ago
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    When I was in the 3rd grade my mom didn't do the laundry so instead Monday morning she made me wear my older sisters white silky panties. In school the other kids found out seeing them during reading while I was bent over sitting Indian style. The whole class knew zi wore silky white panties. Today I'm still wearing panties.
    16 days ago
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    #2 My Mom handed down my sister's panties too. The boys got a good look at them up my shorts during recess. All satin and lace too.
    3 days ago

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