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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    as a kid and only child i was always sitting on the grown-ups laps .so around 5 my butt balloned big round and squezably soft. i liked sitting on papas frends lap things in there pockets used to press between my ass cheeks and rub bw asshole and make me shiver all over .as i grind my butt in closer this soon started the fingers touching my butthole the man at the store would tell me stories as he squeezed my buttcheeks then he work his finger into my butthole a good inch my thin underware going in also holding it back this always made me pe a drop or three. he had somthing growing bigger and harder in his jeans that made me want to grind back and forth along it he bearhugged me grunting jerking heself again me when he slid my big butt off his lap and stood there was a big lump and wet spot he press my face to him in a frendly hug and my open mouth kissed the wet area his slimy stuff soaked rite thru and i tasted it the next day i found him out back choping wood he took a break sat me on his lap he squeezed my asscheeks as he moved my hips on him i liked the horse ride i thought it was suposed to be. when i was sliding along the hard thing again i re adjust mmmmy butt making my long deep ass crack seperate so he touched my sensitive was skin to jeans i had on thin swim trunks that were ripped along the back of them he found out and slid a wet finger in and touched my butthole making me grind my ass in his lap it took my breath away with his finger almost 4inches in me moving around in there i saw stars and shok in heavy ass orgasm i piss a lil too he took me into the store thru the back door to a lil room a cot and tv there he slid off my trunks put me face down butt up on the cot he open my legs bent my knees my ass hi with his hands he spread me big ass cheeks and i saw stars when he began licking my inner asscrack and wrinkled butthole oh wow i rock back pressing my ass back for more tung he ate my butt making my body tremble in multiorgasms i pissed every where he sead he had to put his weener in my hole so i wouldnt pee no more on his cot i was very loose by then so it stung when his plum size dickhead press thru my butt ring mussel and the streatching to fit his enormous girth he slowly press deeper and deeper untel he hit back wall knocking the air out methen out in out soon i was meeting each in stroke the grunts gasps ans my big ass cheeks slapping his legs could be heard out back. that old black man soon was buttfucking me on a daily basis teaching me to suck swallow i lewt him do every thing to my ass he gave me all the candy i wanted i never had a single cavity growing up i did get lots of bbc and i drank gallons of bbc sperm by age ten i was the camptowns black cum dump on the down low me being white i only give it up to the black men and there were thousands and still counting chao.

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    When I was a little kid I'd run around in my underpants.I attracted a lot of attention from the older neighbor boy and his friends who'd watch me when Mom went shopping.

    I'd sit on their laps and could feel their stiffies through my little boy panties. One boy in his early teens would take his boner out and work it between my cotton clad cheeks squirting boycum all over my underpants.

    He was the one who was the first to fuck me. I was really young but so ready for it. When my mom found out it was actually a year after my little ass was converted into a boypussy. She found a load of sperm that had leaked into my briefs. She knew I was way too young to have an orgasm and questioned how it got there and by whom.

    I kept it secret and said it was a boy that I met at the park that made me do it. It was so weird because she said "boy's will be boys" and gave my butt a little pat.
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    I experienced the curious feeling of a man's cock between my fresh boycheeks when I was pretty young sitting on the neighbor's lap. I was wiggling a bit and could feel him cum in his pants and soaking through.
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    Learn how to write stuff down, for fucksake.

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