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    Straight Male / 41

    Like many men (and women), I've seen a lot of porn on the net. I always vaguely wondered if I would ever just stumble upon an explicit picture of a woman I happened to know, and what the odds were. I figured they had to be astronomical.

    But yesterday, it finally happened. After 20+ years of looking at pictures of naked women I didn't know on the net, I finally, undoubtedly did.

    It was my (ex) stepdaughter.

    The father of her child is also in the pic. My "stepdaughter" is now 26, and her mother and I have been divorced for years. I determined she was about 19 in the photo, because that's when her and her, well, babydaddy were together. And I was her stepdad in name only. My ex-wife's daughter never lived with us, she lived with her father...although we did see each other occasionally on trips. I guess I'm saying that while this is's not as creepy as it sounds. I was never much of a parental figure in her life, and had never felt any attraction to her.

    Until I saw that picture.

    Her shirt pulled up over her breasts, her boyfriend standing behind her with his hands half-covering the nipples of her pale A-cup tits. Her black panties pulled down to expose her clean-shaved pussy. Eyes closed biting her lip.

    I have to admit, I have fapped myself raw looking at that picture, and feel an electric pulse of excitement every time it's on my screen.

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