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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    We were only married six months when I found out Sara was cheating on me.Her teen aged son knew and lied to me when I asked him about it .When she took off with the guy and had been gone for several days I decided to punish her son .Fortunatly he and his slutty mother are about the same body size ,because I forced him to dress up in his moms clothes and made him my little bitch.Now any time Sara refuses me sex or is off with some other guy I dont have to go with out , her sissy son is learning how to satisfy a man in bed quickly,

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    My stepdad sissified me too and I ended up loving it. I was in my early teens when he first did it because he was mad at my mom for some reason.
    I was sleeping in my underpants when he first did it, but now he makes me dress up. I like that a lot better.
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    I wish I was your son
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    I learned respect for my stepdad at the end of his cock. Wide eyed and eager to please him I swallowed because he told me to.

    He got jelous when he caught me doing the same with other boys. That's when he fucked me for the first time. He made me promise that my ass was his and his only. I promised, but had my fingers crossed.
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    I was fifteen when my stepdad fucked me the first time. He did it because he was mad at me. He caught me and his daughter asleep together. I was in my underpants and she was in her panties. He never said anything at the time but when we were home alone he forced himself on me. That's when he said he saw us together, while he was fucking me, and it hurt too.
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    It's weird I know but my stepdad had been fucking me for two years before his daughter who was nineteen moved in. She seduced me too, she has no idea her dad was fucking me either.
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    When I found out it was my stepson who fixed his mom up with the man she was cheating on me with I told her I knew about it and she had to do one thing for me and I would let her see her boyfriend and they wouldnt have to sneak behind my back .She agreed and a week later presented me with her teen aged son totally feminized as her replacement. I made him my feminized sissy slave as punishment for trying to break me and his mom up and am having so much fun training him to be an obediant sissy and am turning him into such a slut

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