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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    I had a friend who was gay
    over the years we became very close
    i was straight, only liked girls
    but over the years he gained my trust, made a move and i let it happen
    just to see what happens.

    Well, I let it go on to the point of sex.
    Actually, surprisingly I enjoyed it.
    I was the bottom, and it made me feel so great.
    I felt just like who i really was inside.
    Knowing i was able to make him feel that good,
    feel that sexy well riding on top, and knowing that i knew
    that he thought that i was so sexy.

    it was painful at first.
    i had to relax and go so slow at first.
    it felt like rippping, though no ripping happened.
    sharp pain that eventually faded.

    it feel really good surprisingly after a minute.
    I enjoyed it, but enjoyed knowing how he was looking at me.
    I felt so sexy, I let him finish inside of me every time.
    I felt so intimate with another guy and it felt so... different but incredible to have
    some of him inside of me, like i felt like a female who just got impregnated like natural
    still is the only guy i made love to, or fucked but id love to find another guy.

    other things i enjoyed with him were

    Blowing him, it took a while for me to be able to put his penis in my mouth.
    I was intimidated by it in my face, the smell was different, and when i put it into my mouth it was smooth
    it had no taste, just felt really nice in my mouth. the smell was nice, i also felt good on my knees in front of him.
    Usually id be grabbing the girls head, but he was grabbing mine, and i was blowing him.
    I felt so damn sexy.. It took forever for me to be able to let him cum in my mouth.
    The first time was rough, but the next few were so hott. Tasting sperm was amazing, its one of my favorite things.

    I enjoyed letting him rim me too,
    he loved it, he loves my ass too
    i love that he loves my ass because i love my own ass lol
    he even likes my feet, armpits and smells... he might be my soul mate if he didnt have a man.

    I did top him once, I liked the feeling of him but it didnt feel as sexy as being the bottom.
    I popped him good and fast until a little of his... you know... got on me, i didnt care but he freaked.
    I almost came to, but he stopped.

    uhmm, i dont like kissing him, thats one thing thats not my fave but can do.
    uhmm, id have to say my favorite position with him was.... riding, me on top.
    I told him i loved the way i felt when i rode him with nothing but my Red High school hoodie on.

    Gosh, it was addictive.
    I want to trust another guy like i did with him so i can have amazing intimacy again
    its hard... i want to hook up with him now :[

    Im going to try, BUT a QUESTION

    If I can manage to get him to hook up with me SHOULD I

    A- ride him until he finishes in me
    B Take his sperm in my mouth
    C- use his sperm as lube to jack it with ?
    D let him give me a facial ?

    id prefer to taste it or to take it inside me... so please lol

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    Do the whole alphabet. I know I prefer to bottom, I love the feeling of another guy's cock up inside of me, especially when he comes. I also was reluctant at first to take a cock in my mouth but actually liked it when I first tried it.
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