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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    I know its not much of a confession but I want to scream it across the boards

    Listen!!! Im a guy, only been fucked once so im FRESH MEAT!!!
    tear me up boys

    I love Dick!
    I love Cock!
    I love riding dick and sucking cock
    I love looking at dick pics, send em!
    I love white, black and white and black dick...
    I love swallong cum and taking it in my butt , better nut deep and hard

    I love jacking other guys off and letting them jack me off
    I loved rubbing my dick with his, together <3
    Im okay with cumming in his mouth, but prefer him ejaculating in mine.
    sperm drinks? better be pure 100% cum
    my ass? oh, you mean a punching bag for your dick to anhihilate and destroy while you hold me down on the bed or against the wall? yeah thats more like it.

    mouth? oh you mean the only other place your dick needs to be rather than in my butt and your cum catcher? yep.

    using his sperm as lube on my dick.
    letting him rim me and playing with my ass
    letting him play with my feet

    feeling cute, sexy and hott, wanted and attractive.
    Riding dick makes me feel good

    i mean, it has to be cut, shaved or at least trimmed.
    Id prefer the guy to have scent to his penis
    im okay with sweaty dick
    i want dick on my face and in my mouth
    love to be roasted with a guy in my mouth while a guy fucks my butt.

    Peopl e everywhere, mom, dad, sis, friends, whoever...... this is to you.
    Im me, I love Vag, boobs, breats, hips, legs, cocks, dicks, men, dudes, guys....
    i love it all... girl or boy... ill fuck the girls, and the guys wil fuck me... a lot hopefull y:]

    im very faithful, loyal and honest so guys im yours for as long as you need.
    girls, ill treat you good but youll have to wear a strap on from time to time or agree to a three way with a guy of your choosing, must be okay with letting another dude suck his dick or fuck another guy..

    all hypothetical, not asking for advertising...

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    Good for you!!!

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