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    Straight Male / 21

    When I was 18, i went on a holiday with my mom and dad. On one particular day my mom and I wanted to go to the beach. My dad decided to stay back and spend time talking to my grandfather. So mom and I packed up the car and went down to a small beach about 20 minutes away, that not many people go to or know about. We were there for about an hour and had been swimming, snorkelling and then decided to sit and talk for a bit. 

    Now, I have always been turned on by i****t. Dont know why. And had always fantasized about sex with my mom and sister. 

    My mom and I have always been able to chat about anything including sex, girls, etc, without it being weird. But I never told her about liking the idea of i****t. My mom chatted and asked if there were any girls I was after. I told her no, nothing serious. She smiled and told me just to have fun, and not get serious with any of them. I never had the courage to ask my mom to have sex. But we had a moment of silence just looking at the water, and the nagging urge took over and I spoke up and said, "can I ask you something, that I'm afraid to ask." She just looked at me and said, "you should never worry to ask me anything." I said, "I just dont want you to hate me." Which she laughed and said that would never happen. And then spoke up and said, "I am sure I know where this is going." I asked her what she thought it was. She told me she would give me a hint and then said, leaving the door cracked open when doing something that should have the door closed, or showering with door cracked open, and particular topics searched on the computer when I was a bit younger. I asked her why she didnt say anything. She told me she didnt know if it was a phase or not. She told me that having sex was totally out of the equation. I asked her if she ever watched. She looked around and said lets pack up and get back in the car. We loaded up all our stuff and got in the car. My mom said, "to answer your question, yes i have watched you." She then said, "look, I will never have sex with you, I would not be able to mentally cope afterwards, but I will make you a deal, and it can only happen when dad is not home or we are out like now. I will lend you a hand, and help you get off. But that is it, take it or leave it." I didnt waste a second accepting that offer. My mom looked around and chuckled and said there were no cars around and dad isnt here, and told me to lower my trunks. She gave me a nice slow handjob and i ended up cumming all over her hand. Im 21 now. With both our schedules, she gives me handjobs about 3 or 4 times a week. I guess for the people that have the same urges I had, sometimes doesnt hurt to ask.

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