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    Straight Male / 35

    Truth be told, this has to be a confession but it does not feel like it. It's actually complicated but, still, a confession I guess. Married for five years, I'm about ten years older than my wife, Marcie. I can freely way that love that woman and respect her. I would never do anything to hurt her, knowingly. However, I am involved with her mom, Pat. Don't judge me, please, just hear me out.

    Neither Marcie nor her mom, Pat, are "knock-outs" au contraire, though slim, they are average in looks. They are 17 years apart in age so often they are taken for sisters. When boobs where doled out by "the Powers that be" they were both last in line. They both wear glasses and look like what you might expect a librarian to look like. Marcie has nice, big nipples but that's all. Generally, they are invisible women and none of my friends take a second look at either.

    They both are extremely witty and can make even the grouch laugh. They claim they inherited it from a grand-dad who was also naturally funny. This makes them both popular as people. Marcie became pregnant during out first year and she lost it. It would have been a little girl. After that, sex between us was dead. Marcie feels terrible about it and spends a lot of time apologizing to me for what is clearly not in her control.

    Pat and Marcie spent days upon days discussing the issue and they both decided to have Marcie go through a psychological battery. Nothing came of it. The two women are sharp, however, and they came up with an idea that Pat would be a sexual surrogate for Marcie. They told me about it and I rejected the idea. They began to do odd things like Par wore Marcie's perfume and when we were close, she would hug me and sometimes kiss me lightly lke Marcie did.

    I recall it was July 15th and while I was asleep, they exchanged places in bed with me. Half asleep, I felt what I thought was Marcie, handling my genitals and rubbing her pussy on my thigh while she kissed me. I was turned on like no other time in memory and soon enough, we were fucking like two stray dogs. It did not take long for me to realize it was Pat under me, slamming her hips against me.

    She and I did and still do it a lot, so much so that we invited Marcie to join us in bed and if nothing else, just watch us and maybe, just maybe, sparks will ignite things. Not long ago I told Marcie how much I loved fucking her mom and Marcie decided to join us. However, we are not yet caught up with Marcie's sexual coldness. We are hoping that something will click. I really, really love her. That said, I'm glad Pat is there.

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