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    Gay Male / 23

    I was 19 and needed a job and the placement agency sent me to a tax preparation shop. There were two other employees who worked on tax returns, and my job was filing and keeping records straight. The old man that owned the business smoked, had a two day white beard. He asked me if I wanted to earn a little bit more money, that I could come on Saturday and help him with some boxes of files that he needed to move out to his shed.

    In the shed which was full of boxes he had me move them around and make room for more. I had a box in my hands and he grabbed me from behind and I fell to the floor with him on top of me. He was big and heavy and he trapped me hard and started to work on my belt to push my pants down. There was nobody around, the shed door was closed and the only light was this window on the side. He kept wrestling me, not saying anything, just breathing hard on my neck, he got his hands under my waist and undid my belt and pulled my pants down to my knees.

    My naked behind felt this rush of cold and then he shoved his whiskers into my butt and started to ream me with his tongue, slipping in and out of my butt crack, until he got to my asshole and started to eat my hole with his mouth and tongue. He had gotten his hand back under me and had my cock in his hand and was squeezing it and yanking on it. I must have settled down a bit because he got my pants completely off and he had his pants off and he was on my back and I could feel his cock sliding in my butt crack as he got hard.

    I closed my eyes waiting for the inevitable, I felt his cock head against my asshole. I sort of remember this pain, this exhilarating pain, this heat going through me, it went in further and further and then the rhythm of pushing it in and taking it out and my legs spread open on the floor of the shed, bucking my ass up against his cock when he shoved in and relaxing when he pulled out, over and over. He got his arm around under my neck, stood up and lifted me over to some boxes and laid me over them and then one more time, that unbelievably delicious pain and the rhythm again and again.

    Over that last few years I have been with a couple of alpha types, but nobody like him. I know I am spoiled, I may never meet a man like him again. Right now I need it, the guy I am seeing now is only half of what he was, and I never get the feeling I got from him.

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    As a kid I had an older boy who made me into his boyfriend. He'd decide he wanted to Fuck me, no matter where we were at he would do just that.

    It usually would hurt a little because he didn't believe in fooling around before doing it. He'd forced me to suck him first usually and then just go ahead and fuck me with my pants and underpants still on. He would yank um aside if I have shorts on or pull um down in the back if I had long pants on.

    Lately he's been climbing through my window at night and having sex in my bed with my mom and dad in the next room sleeping. I really like it but am so scared we'll get caught. When his penis is inside of me orally or in my butt that's all I can think about?
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    I was having sex with an older boy who I really liked but his stepdad found out about it and made me have sex with him.

    He did something similar with me, paid me to help him at his office on Saturday and forced me on to my stomach and got on top of me. He is kinda fat and I couldn't move. He worked my shorts and underpants down enough so he could get his dick between my butt cheeks. His penis was kinda fat too and he had trouble getting it in my butt and it hurt when he did.

    Even though I like my boyfriend I kinda like his stepdad better. I don't really understand why? He forces me to do do stuff?
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    #2 - You're excited by dominance. Go with it if you like it.

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