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    Straight Female / 34

    This whole Harvey Weinstein #metoo thing is a great thing for women who don't want to be harassed and assaulted and i support my sisters for that, nobody should have to do anyone they don't want to do, but it is really cramping my own style.

    Some women don't mind sleeping around at work especially if it gets you advanced. I am 34 and still a very attractive Latina, curvy and cute. And i don't mind flirting at work, or getting my bottom patted affectionately at work, it is a complement. I take it as proof my glutes and squats exercises are paying off. And for me personally doing some "favors" if it gets me a head of my male counter parts beats sleeping around for nothing. I am a senior photo editor on a pretty big magazine and while i don't put it on my resume, i am also not personally ashamed i've done lots of "favors" and out right put all the way out on my way up the ladder. And why not? This is a man's world, and unless I do something to literally take it, i'll lose it. I have something to offer my male counterparts don't so I use it and it works or ... at least use too work.

    Now with all the #metoo stuff senior men are running scared. The truth is they been fucking their employees behind their wives backs for years, it never really stopped even after all that women liberation BS. The have just been getting away with it as long as they found the right and willing employee and were discrete. I was that woman, but now even guys I "favored" or years are either scared to look me in the eye or are afraid i am going to rat them out. I wound never do that to anyone. If i favored you and you helped me out it is our secret. I don't kiss and tell and i defiantly suck and tell. And if we got further that then then you did enough to get me ahead that i am as grateful for the exchange as you were.

    I have never been forced or threaten, so i don't know what that would be like. I was always more the willing type, i want to reach the top. So i do feel bad for women who don't want to or who are faithful to there husbands, but me i only got a few years left before i start to loose my perks, and best selling parts. I am so close to the top, i just need to the heat to die down because i know a few more upward moves i favor on up too if executives where not all terrified right now. I know they men above me have done it before, if only there was a way they knew for sure i was safe.

    Fuck. just such bad timing.

    Just frustrated and honest.

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    It is hard on us all both sides. I own a booming coffee shop that employs a lot of college girls and single moms. We use to always flirt and the girls use to enjoy teasing me, and a few would or there own discreetly offer to blow me for choice shifts that have the best tips. I don't even dare even joke about that now.
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    Human nature is not going to change anytime soon. Don't kid yourself. If anything, sex will finally become more normal and free as everyone really wants it to be.
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    As long as it consensual i really believe people should be able to screw at work and if you can get something for it it should be your business. I don't have a supervisor position but if i did i'd use it to get sex if the girl was willing.
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    I love that people still think this way. I am retired now for a couple years but back in the day i fucked a lot of my employees. I never expected it but those who offered it or where open to it got lots of advantages up the ladder. If some ways it was great sex, because there was no relationship expected, not guilt, no pressure on me to even be good at it. And i knew my wife would never find out.
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    I am an older woman. The only time i have cheated on my husband is at work with a boss. We i entered the work force such things were still expected in offices. No one talk about it, everyone knew. Just normal.
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    I love the honesty. I have done it too and i am married with kids but as a woman sometimes it is the only way to make to their level.
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    I know, this politically correct stuff is really slowing down career. I have no issues sleeping my way up the ladder but it has been hard to get anyone to take the chance to "exchange favors" right now. Sigh, i am reduced to sex with just my husband. Fuck this is pissy. Sigh.

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