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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    I am a human urinal. I live with a guy, he's not my boyfriend and despite why I live with him we're not in any kind of like BDSM relationship or anything. But, he owns the house and he lets me live here and he pays for everything, groceries and all, and in return for that I am his urinal. Whenever he has to piss I will either drink it or sit in the bathtub while he pisses on me. We've never had sex, though sometimes he likes to jerk off on my face/in my mouth.

    On top of this, I have agreed to allow any of his guests to do the same as long as whenever he has a bunch of people over who end up using me as a urinal (in which case I just sit in the tub naked pretty much the whole time listening to music) he pays for me to go do something the next day or so, like go see a movie or eat at a restaurant or something.

    He's been looking for another girl to offer a similar deal to, but with shit. I've been trying to convince a friend of mine who I know needs a solid place to live to come over and try it and I think she's coming around to the idea. He wouldn't make her eat it if she didn't want to, she just has to at least let him shit on her body or in her hands and be willing to wipe his ass with a hand or bare skin, and in return she gets to live here with me free like I do.

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    Hot. I'd do it. Piss at least. I'd be someone's urinal for room and board. I don't know about shit, but I would like to hear if you manage to convince your friend to do it.
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    I've been a human urinal for my boyfriend and his friends many times. My boyfriend shoves a long plastic funnel in my c**t so they can all piss in it. Having my c**t full of piss makes me cum.
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    If anyone's still following this, I did get my friend to agree to come over this next weekend to try it out. She has agreed at least to let him shit in her hands while the two of us sit in the bath tub on the condition that I wipe if she can't bring herself to do it. I know her though and I feel pretty confident that once she actually tries it she'll be fine doing it, she might even enjoy it and want to go further.
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    Isn't that what girlfriends are for? My girl drinks my piss AND I can fuck her whenever I want, why's he letting you stay in his house just for drinking his piss?
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    Human waste contains toxic elements that can cause hard to treat illnesses, especially feces. They are loaded with parasites, bacteria, decaying organic matter, chemical excrement, and much more. There's a reason why nature causes it to be odious to sane people. It's simply dangerous.
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    6 I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm sure you know more about that than I do, but I just want to say that I have eaten my husband's shit more often than I could honestly remember. Like I mean not daily or anything, but at least like, weekly if not more often? For as long as we've been married and according to my doctor I'm as healthy as I should be.

    Also, "to sane people" soo, only mentally ill people like literally eating shit then, and you're therefore using mental illness as an insult? False and also probably insulting to actually mentally ill people.
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    Y'all need to crawl back into the dank Hell pit from which you belong.

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