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    Straight Female / 18

    I am just gonna say it and hope this can't ever be traced but to me. I am a 18 years old straight girl who ate a pussy tonight.

    I am straight, I think, pretty sure. i mean i would never do this on my own and really had no desire to try it at all. But my boyfriend of two years has been begging me to do it since we got together. It first is was just a joke between us about how one day i'd love him enough to give him a threesome but recently he has been talking about maybe we should break up before college.

    And I was crying and that is when he used the line, " I am sorry, i did not mean it your too pretty to break up with i could never do better than you baby"

    And I was like, "I am not that pretty." and he was like, "Your the prettiest girl i know, i think that is why i want to see you eat pussy so bad, your beautiful and to see someone as beautiful as you do that for me is my dream. You don't have to be into it to show me you'd do anything for me."

    And I was like, "you really want to see me do it huh? well...maybe..." and you know how that went, next thing i know he is calling a girl over.

    It was super awkward at first. I knew her kinda from school, she is one of the girls who gets around. My boy friend is that only guy i have gone all the way with. Sure i sucked dick a lot on my way up like all girls my age do but i saved me self for someone i cared about. This girl could not make the same claim. She hops around the popular guys.

    Part of what made it awkward is she'd never done it before either and she did not want to eat me, just be eaten by me to see how she liked it. She was willing to touch me, cuddle, and maybe kiss my boobs some but not go down on me at all. She was so firm on it, it just made me feel dirty or something. I can't explain it, it made me feel icky or unworthy.

    Anyways, the way it went down i made out with Jake my boyfriend, she watched and fondled my boobs very lightly pulling on my nipples (she seemed to like that) but when Jake started fucking me she stripped down and started rubbing herself openly and with no shame, watching us go at it right in front of her. She seemed into that at least and Jake put me doggy and kinda direct my head until my face was between her legs. And she was relaxing and rubbing herself. I did not really know what to do, and Jake was all horny pushing my head down there so i was glad when she made the point to show me how she rubbed her clit and little circles and she slowly removed her fingers, smiled at me and exchanged mine in her place and i took the exact same motion and speed as her rubbing her clit. The next thing i knew she was leaning back with her hands behind her head just enjoying it and smiling peacefully, looking up at the ceiling blushing a bit. Her breathing got heavier and heavier and kept looking down me rubbing her.

    Soon she was moaning and Jake really started fucking me hard because it turned him on to her her getting off from me. The energy like went through us all. And her moans turned into words that at first were hard to understand but become very clear. "Eat me, eat me, fuck, fucking eat me. fuck do it, do it do it, eat me."

    I was willing, but honestly scared, I have had my pussy ate be never done one myself but she got louder and louder in a urgent and kinda demanding way, "Eat me now, he promised you'd eat me, i can't take it, eat me, he promised me you'd really do it. Eat me!"

    Then she took my head in her hands by grabbing my hair not so much in forceful or a mean way but more like by uncontrollable passion and lust and she pulled my head to face her and looked down right in my eyes and said words i will never forget as long as i live, "I don't care if this means we are both queer, we can do this be my queer princess, no one will ever know we did it, but you listen to me, i have to have this i can't stop now, i don't want to stop ever again, your boyfriend promised me, so when i let go you put your pretty fucking face down there and don't you dare stop until i am cumming! Do you hear me? Do you?" I said yes, all she said back was "good" and she let go on my face as it fell towards her body she trusted up to meet my mouth. At first it was not glorious i just did not want to disappoint her and i panicked and i was lapping away like a stupid dog at and in her slit. I think though she was so horny she was willing to let me figure it out because the mere fact a girl was eating her was her dream come true. Then i realized when i get eaten out it's the clit that matters most but if you hit it too much the sensation can be so over powering you are like a raw nerve. So i slowed up, went back to my circles around the clit only with my tongue not finger. and pull off slowly and kiss her in thighs and teasing her and when i went back to her clit she was going insane and i could tell she was going to cum before long.

    Then she was saying my name (Sorry my name in not that common so i am not telling it) and she started to shake, groan, even gasp for air. And she did not need to say it, i know what an orgasm is like I have them all the time. She was having a huge one and for a second i was afraid she forget to breathe she was orgasming that hard. Being a big fan of multiply orgasms i was willing to keep going and give her more for her sake but she laid there almost dead for 30 of 40 seconds just watching Jake fucking pound hell out of me from behind. Suddenly she just jumped up, lifted me so i was not fully doggy any more and started frenching me and caressing my boobs.

    It was more then Jake could take, she start saying he was gonna cum, suddenly he hands went from my boobs to my pussy, and between frenching me she was breathing in my ear almost commanding me to cum with him. Honestly, i don't think i am gay, or lesbian or bi, whatever, the right word is, but i was getting the shit fucked out of me, my clit rubbed and was getting frenched and talked dirty too, so i...

    Feel, kind of dirty and kind of guilt really, because I did cum, right before Jake and while i don't think i a gay deep down i know the way she worked my clit is that made the orgasm so deep. She was good. But that does mean i am a lesbian i was being fucked too and my body is going to cum if you hit my clit like that while someone i love fucks me. I think. I don't really know.

    Anyways, all i know is she felt as guilty as me at the end, which fucks with my head because she wanted it so bad not me. Once both Jake and me cummed we collapsed and she covered herself right away. And reminded Jake he promised to tell no one we all did that.

    I don't want to betray her but i think know you will know this is me here. I'd want to you know what you think. I think she is a lesbian in denial and i am just a girlfriend who loves her man. Am I right? Advice?

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    I was immature once
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    It's just sex. If it feels good you have nothing to be guilty or ashamed of. Lots of girls enjoy some attention from other girls. And, yes, two people pleasing you is going to feel great, regardless if it's two men, or a man and a woman.
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    Do you have to name it?
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    I have a name but i don't want to use it because it be to easy to fine me.
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    I loved reading this. I live is a small town and i'd love to be with another girl but i am too scared, people talk and gossip a lot here. You are so lucky.
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    Go for your momma she won't tell
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    stop concentrating on labels for people and start being of value to everyone. Your only mission in life is to be kind.
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    I am bi, i can assure you so is the girl your bf brought over. She is bi, if not lesbian, and struggling with the guilt of it, i know i have been there. It is quite common. Keep offering to go down on her no strings attached she won't be able to refuse. Your the only woman to make her cum, she may be confused and guilty now back she will be come back to you, it is her sexual nature she can't keep fighting. You notice how once a you started eating her she lost control well soon she will lose and control and find herself between you legs eating your vagina. Honestly, let it happen since you have never had it a woman eat you out, i will tell you, it is the best thing your body will ever feel, go for it even if your sure your straight it is an experience every woman should have once. I have helped a few "straight" girls feel the joy! LOL
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    It is clear you bf is fucking the other girl in exchange of finding her pussy. You are getting played but he is smart.

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