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    Straight Male / 40

    I am in my 40s. I was in a long time relationship with kids that ended years ago. Since then i have been dating (i guess you could call it dating) women in their 20s. Dont seem to have much luck with them. Maybe its me i dont know. The sex is awesome with these younger women but is there any such thing as bad sex? Lol
    About 4 months ago i starred chatting with a younger lady online under a fake name. I think she is a beautiful lady around the age of 28. She tries very hard to figure out who i am, i do give some hints but not sure i want her to really know.
    She has told me some things about her life. Sexual stuff and just normal every day stuff. Some stuff i know to be true and some i cant be sure of.
    I told her that someday i will tell her who i am but i am scared that will end our online chatting and i am hooked on chatting with her. Her stories turn me on. I think about her all the time.
    I told her she as seen me before. She is always saying names of guys that she thinks i am. I think most of them are guys that she as fucked.
    Wish i knew what to do here. I know it was stuipd to start this from the beginning
    Not sure what else to say. Maybe she will see this and say something to me.

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    What will you do if she do see it? Well you ever tell her who you are? Maybe meet her and fuck her?
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    I would love to fuck her but not just for fun. I am over that stage of life i think. Not sure she is though yet
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    We need to know
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    Do you knows her. Did you fuk befor how you know her. Juicey
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    #1 i dont know what i will do. Hope to keep talking and someday meet
    #3 need to know? What is it youed to know?
    #4 yes i know her if not i would not be talking to her. How would you fuck someone without knowing them? I didnt r**e her if thats what you mean
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    Call me strange but I best enjoy women contemporary in thought, age an experience to me. Fucking what I consider kids, is illogical to my demeanor.
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    Why do you use such big words not all of us are well educated. After all we are on a sex confession site not a sex ed class
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    This is me (the 28 yr old woman) Johnny I want so badly to know who you are. I love talking to you daily, i sit and wait for your messages even tho I don't know who you are.
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    Ive told women and couples bogus names too when chatting online before I get to know them and we arrange to meet. With so many fakes out there its pretty normal anymore.

    Just tell her that you wanted to make sure she was real, if shes been online much she will understand.
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    Some good points. The lady as even checked in a this.

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