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    Straight Female / 40

    I was 19 when I married my husband, Gary, who was in the military at the time. Gary was stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia, and we lived in an off-base apartment.

    I never liked the military life, but I tried to make the best of it.

    Anyway, the worse thing for me was having to shop at the post PX. The prices were great, but the soldiers were always staring at me, likely because of my very large bust. I was proud of my figure so I didn't try to hide my assets. As it turned out, that was a bad decision.

    After returning from the PX one morning, I heard a knock on the apartment door. When I answered the door I was confronted by two NCO's who claimed to be selling lottery tickets for a military charity. I agreed to buy a ticket and asked them to wait until I got my purse. I went to get my purse but I didn't close the door.

    When I turned around they were both standing behind me. Before I could react they grabbed me and stuffed a cloth in my mouth. The next two hours were the most horrifying and humilitating of my life.

    They then forced me to strip or have my throat cut. I actually believed they would hurt me so I started to strip. Now, my husband was the only one who had seen me naked, so I was really slow removing my clothes. Finally, I stood there in only my panties and bra. That's when I couldn't help but notice the swelling bulges in their pants.

    I mustered all my courage and slipped off my panties. Girls didn't shave in those days, but having light brown hair, I didn't have very much pubic hair. However, I did have a protruding clit. This really seemed to catch their eyes.

    Lastly I unfastened my bra and let it fall to the floor. Obviously, this was what they were waiting for. My breasts bounced when the bra fell and my nipples stood erect once freed from the bra.

    Next I was ordered to lay down on the floor while they proceeded to undress. I tried to keep my eyes shut but I had never seen a naked man other than my husband. Curiosity got the better of me.

    The younger guy's penis looked very much like my husband's, which was a mild relief. The older guy was a different matter. His penis hung limp at 6 or 7 inches and was much thicker than my husband's.

    The younger guy mounted me first and grabbed my breasts in a rough manner. That was bad enough, but the other guy took a knee next to my head and put his penis next to my mouth. I shook my head, no, but then I thought it would probably be better in my mouth than causing wreckage to my vagina. He again placed his penis next to my mouth and this time I cooperated. After what seemed an eternity, the younger one climaxed and the older one seemed to be close but stopped.

    The older one, now an erect 8 or 9 inches, got ready to enter me. I held my breath but it didn't help. He pushed it straight in, and I thought I was going to faint. He pulled it out slowly and pushed it back in slowly. He did this several times and started licking my nipples at the same time.

    I didn't think he would last long but I was wrong. His penis was rubbing my clit, and despite my best efforts, I started to react. I started to moan and squirm. I'm ashamed to admit that I had an orgasm while being r**ed, but I did.

    After all was said and done, they left me laying naked on the floor, but before leaving took photos of me on the floor. They threatened to send the photos to my husband if I called the police, so I didn't. I still regret not doing so.

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    Please tell me that at age forty you've had more than those 3 dicks! If that's the case,get busy,time is not on your side.
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    Didn't they fuck your tits too?
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    You need to #metoo this and get representation and get it reported. This is still a serious problem in our society, especially within the military. As shown in the Tailhook and other scandals it is not too late to have this handled criminally or civilly but either or both the military and civilian legal systems. You were sexually assaulted, r**ed, bullied, belittled, humiliated, victimized,etc. Surely you must have access to information that, coupled with your own knowledge, can be helpful to authorities. Did you even go through civilian channels reporting the assault, getting a r**e kit worked up, etc? Did you ever tell your husband? Or has he ever suspected?
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    #3 comment she knows she's grabbing at straws. The whore is just trying to make the gal who wrote the story feel better.

    Now, regarding the orgasm the scumbag admits to achieving with the man's penis inside her, while he was performing sexually upon her ; look, we all know that's just shuck & jive. IT'S CRAP, pure & simple. Thousands of females can't achieve that after months of trying with loving partners, yet this bag does easily with a uninvited partner. A woman does NOT moan & squirm involuntarily or react favorably to such an act minus participation as well as positive emotions ; hence the shuck & jive and also WHY she didn't bother with a police report.

    Needless to say as with most reports of this type, there's a n_i_gg_e_r in the woodpile.
    That stated, I know I made the proper call regarding this incident.
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    There is a somewhat convincing trend occurring among the vast quantity of reports regarding what is now referred to as imperative sexual relations. What I'm more closely referring to is the amazing frequency of orgasm women experience resulting from these imperative sexual relations. Needless to say, if or as this ongoing trend gains any additional frequency, it is merely grants tacit, legitimate creedance for men to pursue & engage in these types of relations with more frequency.
    I have nothing further.
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    Regarding any law[s] that #3 feels may have been violated, I'll quote a n.y.s. county court judge's comment to an alleged victim from 15 years ago: "When you put yourself in situations with increased risk, you must take increased precautions to mitigate those risks".
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    TOO FUCKING LONG UNDERSTAND ZOMBIE??? TO FUCKING LONG!!! Shit you must be unemployed lol


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