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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 26

    I used to go to a movie multiplex theater with my older sister who would allow me to move around the theater once the movie began. We both knew that #2 theater, in the back, had a reputation as a no-holds meeting place for horny kids. Sis just did not have the balls. I did (not biologically, of course). I was 14, so I guess I did not think I'd get into any trouble. Even as a girl, I just liked watching kids getting it on. One could easily tell the ones fucking away.

    One time I noticed an older man who even had gray hair by his ears, come and sit in the second to the last row and I was sitting in the back row. Without thinking I moved a couple of seat closer to him. From just his profile I could tell he was good looking. I had to lean up a bit to see what he was doing but, soon, he stood up, took his coat off and placed it on the back of a nearby seat, then opened his pants. Out came this horrendous, whopper of a cock that to my 14 years, was plain scary.

    A boy around 16 or just older than me as I could see in the darkened theater, sat next to the man. For about five minutes they just sat there with the kid constantly looking down at the older man's cock that stood up like a light post. Then, the kid took a deep breath, quickly moved down, fast, and started sucking off the older man, hard, quickly and loudly. I could hear the sucking, slurping sound. The man took the boy's head and slowed him down. I was going crazy trying to see the action and decided to move down into their row for a better view.

    As it turned out, the boy could scarcely fit the man's glans into his mouth, it was so large. The boy was going crazy trying to get it into his mouth. Two younger women (not kids) moved to the row in front of the older man and boy and knelt backward on their seats to watch openly, The older man smiled and motioned to the women to come closer (that sis used to say, "Skank whores come here to get laid." Sis loved using the term, "Skank whore" this, skank whore and that. She seemed to be making up some of the stories she told me about then.

    The two women whispered into each other's ears and began to move to "our row", walking up to the aisle. The two woman literally pulled the kid off the man with him trying to push them off. They finally got the kid away and then started sucking the man themselves, both at one time. Then, one pulled her skirt up to her waist and slowly mounted the man. I could hear her moaning in a low voice. UUUUUUmmmmphhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhh, like that.

    They both took turns to fuck the man and I could tell he, in turn, came into both of them, carelessly, I thought. They, similarly, did not seem to care. The "skank whores" left and, amazingly, the man was still hard and the kid returned and continued to try to suck the man. Like before, the man controlled his head by holding it, so the kid would not jump around like a fritter on a white hot pan. The older man was clearly there to share his big, magic cock and the critters came by like moths to the flame.

    After a while I returned to my sis, my young bottom dripping wet. She said, "See anything." I said, "I'm going to the ladies's room and towel myself dry."

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    Yep,remember hearing similar stories in the 1950s. Teens were actually having intercourse in the theater bathrooms.
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    I was blown by a strange, middle-aged lady in the dark, back end of a theater when I was 14. It was the first time I came, ever, and she gulped my um down. My only sex before that was Mary fist and her five daughters. After that, she wiped her lips, got up and left without a word. I returned to that spot several times, hoping to get blown again by the lady but she never showed up again.
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    I was eleven when an older boy got his hand in my panties. He fingered me and then took my hand and in his pants and down his underpants.
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    Any cinema like this would be closed down in ten minutes.
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    Total BS.

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