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    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    So this Confession is where my love for watersports began I would have put this in "Wet Stories" but it has sea sickness in telling it in order.

    ___________ ______________ BACK Story

    I was 17 at the time this took place. I had this friend of sorts, lets call him Mark. He was an odd guy to say the least he was " OK " looking but was the son of a wealthy Lawyer and had all the cool stuff. His dad bought another boat so he gave his old one to Mark. It was a metal boat that had one of those soft canopy canvas tops that covered the whole boat. I'm not sure how big it was but it had a CB radio and solar panels but to the point. . .

    He had been asking me to go out on the lake/river for a while. He lives off a huge lake that feeds into a river that flows from the next town. So after a while of begging me I reluctantly agree. Perfect time to show off the pink bikini I bought. I was 5,5 skinny ish at the time, I am a red head ready to party C - Cup boobs (still growing then)


    My dad was a ranger and I grew up used to the outdoors and rugged life!

    The day arrived and I was excited for our adventure even though I knew he was going to screw it up somehow. . .
    Packed a lunch and snacks fishing gear because I was bringing back dinner! We had a blast and I caught 3 Fish!!
    Somehow things were looking up Mark was HOT without a shirt on and he hadn't screwed things up until now so I don't know if it was the adrenaline or something in the air I was Horny all day! So we had been on the lake a few hours at this point. The wind was starting to blow a storm on the horizon so we started to head back. . .

    That is where things went from bad to worse (or good depending on your opinion), Mark being the oaf he is forgot the reserve gas tank and we ran out on the way back. We were on the river and the current was pushing us in the right direction but it would take ages to get back at this speed. Mark was more worried about the storm on the horizon and getting in touch with his parents on the radio. We were able to tell them our location and situation. His Dad was going to try to rescue us before things got worse.

    It was like 3 pm the sky was gray and overcast and it was obvious it was about to STORM! Low hanging clouds loomed in the distance and the rumble of impending doom muffled with the pitter patter of rain just starting to fall. We got a message on the radio from his dad to drop anchor and wait the storm out because it was going to be too dangerous to go out! He said he would head out as soon as the weather permitted him to. So We got the canopy tight and zipped the vynal windows and listened to the drips of rain hitting the canvas above our heads as it got heavier and heavier. The thunder was frightening and wind howling as we sat useless waiting. We hear a warning over the radio from the weather station saying this is going to be a bad one and to expect heavy winds and maybe hail.

    ______________ _(The Good Stuff starts around here somewhere)

    So there I was sitting in a boat in "The Storm of The Century" with a shirtless muscly guy, its hot and sweaty and I'm Horny. To make things worse, now I have to use the bathroom! He was more chilled out than I was, He brought Uno a card game. We played for a while as I was getting more and more desperate. I think he caught on along the way and asked if I was okay and tried to calm me down. I told him my situation, and with a chuckle he opened one of the hatches and pulled out a small bucket and a half damp roll of TP. I refused and lied to myself I could hold it. The rain wasn't letting up and the sound of drips falling off the canopy were about to drive me over the edge. He said to make things less awkward he would go first.
    (I had never seen a penis in real life only crude drawings of them)

    He pulled out his member and he was "packing"! I wanted to touch it but my bladder wasn't having it I couldn't take my hands off my vagina. He filled the bucket a good amount and dumped it over the edge. He took the bucket and placed it between my thighs I was all wet and squirming and squirting. All I could think of was relief and flooded my bottoms over the bucket and all over his hands and ruined my bikini. I was embarrassed but the relief was too good for me to care. I got what I could in the bucket and dumped it over the edge like he did before. Embarrassed and defeated I gave him a blowjob and let him finger me while I hung my panties over the edge of a railing to dry.

    I was feeling gross and the wind kept blowing the canopy open and letting in the wind and rain as the storm battered on. We both were getting nauseous from the back and forth motion of the boat in the storm. He was the first one to go but I soon followed him. It wasn't fun, right about then the nausea was over and I felt that feeling, you know the one. Where your ass taps you on the solder and tells you to run! It was either the bucket or hang over the boat, I chose the boat and it was a wise decision. Nothing pretty about that situation at all. He was too busy to notice me shitting my colon out over the edge.

    After an hour and all we both start to feel better and lay side by side, He was still in his bathing suit, me just a top on. He has his hand between my legs just slowly stroking when out of nowhere I start peeing again. he puts his hand over my pee hole and stops the flow my bladder aches and needs to be emptied. He got up and put his mouth over my pussy and just told me to let go and drank the rest of it. The feeling was too much and I came in his mouth and face. He asked if I was into WaterSports and just said why not we are both covered in it anyway.

    Some people have their kinks I guess and this story is about water-sports so. . . He pulls out his penis and is about to let go but then I have a better idea. I put it back in his bathing suit and get into his pants facing him his dick is on my stomach. I take off my top to not get it dirtier and lay him down me on top of him, My boobs are on his chin and tell him to relax and it out, and slowly I get this warm sensation on my ribs and under my boobs. It feels so nice and without knowing it I start dry humping him. Now getting horny, and as he is going it slips in from me dry humping. Now he is literally peeing in me and I can feel the warmth ballooning in me im cumming he is cumming and like a balloon it pops out and all of the urine and cum are washed out in a sticky smelly mass of warmth between us we get up and jump into the river in the poring rain to wash off and jump back in the boat freezing cold. He took the bucket and filled it with river water and dumped it on the floor where we made our mess and turned the pump to get the rest out. Cold, Wet, and tired we both lay there listening to the rain on the canvas canopy separating the never ending rain from the cold damp atmosphere of breath and sex. Occasionally the wind would whip the leaky canopy open and blow the rainy weather in.

    One thing was sure we both were tired . . .

    ________________ ____________________ [ Epilogue ]

    The thunder faded and the rain slowed to a pitter patter as we lay on the wooden floor of the boat naked, hot, wet , and spent!
    The boat swayed back and forth with the current as I slowly lost consciousness like a baby in a cradle ready for a nap. . . I was awoken to a boat horn in the distance and the sound of another engine. It was his DAD! I scrambled to get my bottoms wich now strongly smelt of urine back on, as he did the same. just in time for the wind to blow open the canopy and a fresh night breeze to freshen the stale air and smell of sex. His dad was nice and gave us gas and noticed the "yellow stain" on my pink bottoms and I was so embarrassed Mark told him I got scared and had an "accident" in the storm and promised him not to tell my father or anybody else.

    Up until this day I have not told a soul about this story or my love for WaterSports.

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    Like you i love watersports.
    I wish there were more women like you in the world.

    Needless to say i came heavily reading your experience.

    Ihave been lucky to experience it.

    Last time with a 50 year old married grandmother. Who discovered watersports through me. And fell in love with it. Even took priority over her desire to be fisted (which we did also).
    From peeing over bodies. To filling her pussy and ass. Then a booze fuelled night of tasting and drinking.

    Love to spread a pussy. Ready to recieve a warm, filthy shower from the exposed piss hole. Xx
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    I am glad you liked it, I dont know what it is about bodily fluids that turns me on so much. Mark is fine with it but it isnt his thing anymore so . . . sad face ==3. But yeah after the storm and sexual stuff the boat had to be renovated for the better. Now we take our kids out on it occasionally haha, I got pregnant shortly after that experience as you could imagine.

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