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    Straight Male / 21

    Couple of years back one of the older lads id been working with came back early and caught me having a wank over this porn mag id found in the loft i could feel my face burning with embarrassment as i pulled up my pants but he said no please, let me, iv wanted this a long time,hes married and im straight but i was bloody aroused by the mag and thought fuck it,My cock was hard and he was feeling it as i stood over him near enough on tip toe against a wall his lips sucking at my cock he seemed to know how to delay me coming so for about a good twenty minutes i was in heaven having my cock sucked and the shaft licked,its a real buzz to tease a guy with your cock so he really wants it and believe me he did,and then i knew i was gonna come and forced it deeper, he somehow took it pulled at my bum and i shot my load ,Felt a bit, for fucks sake what have i done but it soon passed so i am getting my cock sucked,keeping my mouth shut and so what he love`s sucking my cock,He said he`s waited years to experience it but could not face the embarrassment of a chance meeting in some toilet or even get arrested and lose his wife and family,

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    That's hot, I'm married and have fantasized for years about sucking a nice cut Cock, I got sucked off by a guy when I was 16 he was 27, to this day I believe it was The Best Blow job I've experienced, I thought there was something wrong with me, just kept pumping cum he kept stroking and sucking and swallowing until I was completely drained. I eventually put it out of my head. Until I was married, the wife threw up on my stomach and said I'd like to see you do it better. I'm thinking it can't be that hard right, so off I went, started calling these gay chat lines from work so no one knew, hooked up with this guy who lived close to work, left work early called in to his place, I fully intended to suck his Cock, I was ready for it. He told me to take a sit we chatted for about 5 minutes, he's rubbing my Cock thru my pants and said let's see your Cock, I replied let's both get naked,I loved being naked whenever I could, so we're both sitting on his lounge he's playing with my 6# Cock I'm stroking his 8# meat getting really horny when he just put his head down and started sucking me off, that's when I knew for sure what they say is true Only guys know how to suck cock cause I was spurting my cum down his throat in less than 2 minutes, he swallowed it all then sat up and said you don't have to suck my Cock if you don't want to,he must have seen it in my eyes, I did not want to suck his Cock once I'd cum. I left straight away said I'd call him, got to my car and as with all my hook ups since, got rid of his number. Never to see them again. Finally got a mouth full of Cock with my next hookup, I was so horny when I got to his apartment we got naked were laying on his bed I grabbed hold of his lovely cut 7# Cock and just took him in my mouth without a thought I was ramming his knob into the back of my throat, thought I was linda Lovelace, deep throating him, never gagged once. He pulled my head up and sprayed his hot juices all over my face, there I'd finally sucked a Cock, I was prepared to swallow it all but it didn't happen, the next day my throat was on fire I thought I'd caught something but the doctor said I just needed to go a bit easier next time with a grin and a touch of my knee. Dirty old bigger I thought and left.
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    Cool! I had a guy ram his cock down my throat when he over zealously got too excited when I was a kid. His was my first mancock to pass my twink's lips and I was his first rosey cheeked twink, so it got a little heated to say the least. I too had a sore throat and Mom took me to the doctors. He cautioned me on youthful curiosities and indiscretions and took an interest in me too.
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    I once let a young friend of mine suck my cock but as he got more and more excited he got his own cock out stood up and started to push me down on him,and without a word i took the head of it in my mouth pulled his shorts clear and he was fucked me in the mouth pushing in so deep i had to struggle to breath. Now i was straight and married so ending up with cum in my mouth was a real wake up call
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    I have a long term girlfriend but now and then ill feel someones eyes on my cock and play along with it by carefully letting them get a good look of it, most times it come`s to nothing but i still get a thrill out of it and sometimes i do let guys suck my cock,I am 20 and have had the odd guy come just with the excitement of having it in there mouths but normally they take it till iv come in there mouth.
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    Couple of my friends have had blowjobs and both said it was great but once you come you can`t get away quick enough.Don`t think i am up for treating anyone that way or the short term guilt they talk of.

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