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    It happened to me out on location at a construction site. I was an entry level employee, a carpenter's assistant, mainly for clean up and running to get things for the carpenter. We were out at location, and we were standing behind a new load of lumber that had been delivered and he opened his zipper and took out his cock and started to pee on the ground. I was frozen still and when he was done he told me to grab it and shake it and then I could suck it.

    A couple of seconds passed and he took my hand and put it on his penis and told me to shake it and then suck it. I shook it a little but not enough, when I put my mouth on it he still had some pee in his hole which tasted salty. I put my heart into it, got on my knees and let him know that I was going to be his cocksucker on the job.

    I stayed on, and became a carpenter after about four years, he taught me a lot, he taught me how to be a carpenter. Looking back it was a good job, I got paid well, sure you got to start somewhere, and sucking cock was just part of the job. I have a cocksucker of my own now, he is 18 and a boy we picked up from high school recommended by his football coach. He is just not ever going to make it the classroom, but he can learn a trade and he likes to suck cock and he didn't say no when I told him that on Saturday night I wanted to ride his ass.

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    Starting in eighth grade I hung around the construction sites near my house. I was also startled by the sight of a fairly well endowed carpenter pissing in front of me.

    It wasn't long before it passed over my pouty lips. I was soon bottoming for his laborer tighty-whitie underpants down in the back. It seemed like I tried out most of the trades before I turned fifteen, lol.
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    My brother and I own a construction company and are both bisexual, married men. I loved your confession because I know that cock sucking among construction workers happen. My brother and I have turned down opportunities for head and ass from employees but all bi and gay sub contractors who want some of our Italian Sausages can have it.

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