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    Straight Male / 18

    I want to suck and then get fucked by anyone, comment how to talk to you, as long as your in England

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    Poor bastard. Kill yourself.
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    Hey, you're ripe and ready for some great experiences. My eighteenth year was when I let my inhibitions go. Prior to that I was a fresh, smooth skinned, tight bottomed boy who'd only experienced an occasional underpants aside intrusion that was as brief as my boypanties. Quickie fucks is all I'd experienced

    When I became "if age" I still looked like a barely pubecent fourteen year old even though I was eighteen.
    No more jailbait. I became quite the promiscuous kid.
    So now's the time to experience the great feeling of a man inside of you both orally and anally. Being seeded by another man after being slowly seduced by the touch of his hands and the flutter of his tongue.

    To flirt with another guy in a cute little pair of flirtive bikini underpants. Looking innocently fresh as you suck him first then straddle him holding his wet cock with both hands. Looking still boyish in your little boypanties as you pull um aside with one hand and guide his wet throbbing cock up and in your boypussy with your other hand.

    So boy slutty!
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    First kiss me with your tongue. Then we rube each other dick. We then take our cloths off and kiss deeply. Then we 69 to get each other horny. Then I put you on your back raise your legs and slowly fuck you until I breed you deep with my 9 inch cock. :)
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    Be careful. You can find yourself horribly exploited when you're a horny virgin. Don't get fucked by just anyone - find someone you fancy. Try a gay club or better still a sauna, because they have rest rooms.

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