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    Straight Female / 33

    Out walking our dogs with my husband two days ago, I really needed a pee. Ducking behind a dry stone wall which wound it's way through a wooded area, I thought he'd wait for me.
    Relieving myself, after pulling my trousers and knickers down, I was about to stand up when I noticed movement to my side. I thought it was my husband and said "You dirty bastard, you just want to fuck a wet pussy".
    The reply I got back was "I'd love to fuck you". But it wasn't my husband saying it. I turned around to see a young man staring at my bare arse and he was stroking his erect cock.
    I froze, not from fear, but from the sight of his very large cock. He smiled at me and asked me if I still wanted fucking.
    Standing up but leaving my trousers and knickers down, and even now I'm not sure why I did it, I was about to say to the young man "Only if you're quick". I was so turned on by the sight of his huge cock, I swear I would have let him fuck me. Unfortunately one of our two dogs came bounding towards us, so I quickly got myself together and then did something totally off the cuff. As I patted the dog greeting it, I told the young man my mobile number and asked him to text me.
    "My name's Ryan" was his reply as he put his cock back in his trousers.
    Joining my husband who was stood smoking next to a styal, he asked me why I'd been so long. I blamed the dog, telling him it had run off.
    Yesterday I got a text from Ryan. It had an attachment, which were three pictures of him stroking his magnificent cock, on what like his bed naked. The message was "same place without your hubby and the dogs".
    I'm off work Tuesday and Wednesday, and have text back telling Ryan to pick day. His reply "Both".
    I know I shouldn't even be considering it, but Ryan's cock and his youthful body looked so good, I've found myself masturbating twice so far, remembering his large thick manhood.
    Now all I have to do us decide if I'm actually going to go through with it. Ryan and his gorgeous cock would be my first real (Not a dildo) large penis, and I'd love to at least once feel what it's like to fucked hard by such a big throbbing cock.

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    a whore in waiting
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    I feel terrible I did somewhat the same thing. A teen in our neighborhood doing work for us and I was home alone for a week. I purposely let him "catch" me naked and it progressed from there. He to had the biggest cock I'd ever seen and now the biggest to ever have sex with me. I am ashamed but I love getting such young, big cock. I like the fact he is so attracted to me and will do anything for me. Last week he put on one of my nighties and fucked me raw, it was fantastic and filled a long awaited fantasy.
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    All you have to do is ask yourself this question. What if your husband found a hot teenage girl that had an attribute you didnt have. Big tits, small waist or something similar. He told you "I really just want to fuck a girl with big tits once......ok?" What would you say???
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    Women do not use the word trousers. Troll alert.

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