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    Straight Female / 33

    I work as a secretary (yes, I know that's a boring intro but bear with me) and I firmly believe that as a secretary, if my boss wants to fuck me then that's part of my job. I know my employer can't legally require me to do so, but in my view being a good secretary necessarily means that if your boss wants to fuck you, or needs a handjob or a blowjob or anything like that, that it's your job to provide that. And I would still have that opinion whether my boss is young or old, attractive or ugly, man or woman even. I don't believe that sex is such a big deal, that it's so sacred and private that it should be left out of things like this.

    That being said, because I know it's an issue legally I won't openly tell my boss about this belief of mine, but if my boss wants to have sex with me (I've been a secretary for 5 different people, 3 have taken advantage of my sexual services, 2 of them men) I will not refuse.

    In keeping with this belief I also believe that this applies to other jobs where the employee is assisting or serving someone. Maids I believe should be sexually available to their masters and mistresses. Housekeepers at hotels for instance should be prepared to take care of any guests that request them. Nurses should provide patients with sexual relief if needed. Waitstaff at least in restaurants without children should service guests if requested. When it comes to massage therapists and spa staff happy endings should be a standard menu item. I can't think of more right now but I'm fairly sure there are more jobs that this applies to.

    Basically I think it should be not only legal but perfectly acceptable for many of these jobs to require the employee to perform sexual acts, and if I were working in any of these other positions I would still behave as if they do require it.

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    I think you should run for President of the U.S.A.
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    I think the OP is a guy looking for free sex! Good luck with this fantasy!
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    #2 There's nothing I can say to prove I'm a woman to you, but I also don't understand why you think that. For one, how is posting to an anonymous confession website going to get someone free sex unless they try to arrange to contact someone?

    Your comment would only make sense if posting a confession to this website had literally any weight in real life. Like even if I were a man then what, do you think I'm expecting millions of people to find my confession and go "Hmm, you know what, this random anonymous internet person is right, I should be having sex with my boss and/or customers" on the off chance that that somehow affects my life in any way?

    Second, I'm not trying to convince anyone else to believe this, I'm saying that this is what I believe, this is how I live my life and how I do my job. I mean, do I also believe what I said above, that all of these jobs should offer these services? Yeah, but I don't expect anyone else to believe it.

    And honestly even if what you were saying was true, what does your comment accomplish? Other people come to this website to enjoy the confessions, all you've managed to do is essentially throw a wet blanket on anyone who might be trying to enjoy mine. It literally does not matter if you're right or not, people will click on my confession, read it, see your comment, then imagine some middle aged man jerking off to some boring secretary porn and leave.

    Like, I can tell that YOU are a man because you think what you have to say is so important, that you're doing the world some great service by... pointing out... that some anonymous person on the internet... might be a man. How brave and intelligent of you, I'm sure nobody else has ever done that before, nobody else has ever had that thought, what ever would the people who visit w w w dot adultconfessions dot com do without your brilliant insight?

    If you were my boss I would quit so I didn't have to have sex with someone so boring.
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    Yeah but I don't know what good knowing that will do you. I don't know if you're aware but there are a lot of people living here.
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    It seems to me that you are simply one horny lady. That's fine. If so, just tell your boss that you are open to working above above and beyond the call of duty and get yourself some good fucking.

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    #6 No not really. I'd say my sex drive is pretty average, all things considered, I don't even need to masturbate very often. But even if that were the case, if all my boss requests is a blowjob all I'm going to do is give him a blowjob, etc.

    Besides, the reason I don't bring it up with my bosses is because I could be fired if I do. It would be nice if I could be sure that they would take advantage of those services, but realistically if I suggest it and he's strict about company policy or loyal to his wife he could report me to human resources or just outright fire me. So, if I'm going to bring it up I'm going to wait until I at least have a good informal relationship with them and I can gauge how they would respond.

    But that being said, that wasn't necessary with the 3 I've done this with. They initiated it, and if I were someone else I probably would have considered it sexual harassment. But luckily for them I consider it part of my job, so once I knew they'd accept I told them that if they ever needed, or wanted, sexual relief I'd be more than happy to serve them.
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    It would be lovely for all women to consider fucking their boss "part of the job" and the entire movement today of women complaining gropes by their supervisors, major broadcasters, etc. being fired, would disappear but the truth is that fucking is fucking and working is working. Basically, the old standby, "You don't shit where you work," is reality.
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    My husband is sterile. I would not have my sons if not for coworkers.
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    There's a guy out in LA called Weinstein who might be looking for a secretary. Preferably one who knows something about botany.

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