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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I'm retired now, but back in the day I had a cute young tight ass on tap. My wife and I had stopped having sex, even though I loved having my cock sucked and fucking a tight hole.
    I was forty six and hadn't had sex for over two years (Except masturbation). At the school I worked at I overheard an older maintenance man talking to another teacher about his retirement. He mentioned the new guy was only twenty two and he'd heard the young man enjoyed sex with other men. (Wow revelation).

    Meeting the new janitor a couple of weeks later, I couldn't help but notice he kept on checking out my cock bulge. Not having a thought in my mind for sex, I just came right out and asked him if he liked what he saw. His answer was to tell me to meet him in the small store room, at the rear of the school at lunch time.
    I was absolutely shaking when I entered the store room. But I was also so sexually charged too. He was already inside and once he saw me, he took off his overalls to reveal he had nothing on beneath.

    We only had half an hour, but in that time that young man sucked on my cock like no one had ever before. He practically made love to it with his mouth. Then just as I was on the verge of cumming, he rose up, turned around to lean on a pile of cardboard boxes, smeared a clear substance onto his ass and tossed me a condom.
    I must have looked shocked because he turned round to say "Come on man, we ain't got all day".

    My cock after I donned the condom slid easily up his ass, and it felt awesome. Ity had been so long, I found myself a little stunned to be inside another human being again, whether that was a woman or a man. But he had no hang up and began to back onto my cock. It gave me impetus to thrust and within seconds I was fucking my first hole in over two years.

    It wasn't the best fuck in the world that first time, but he did orgasm with my cock inside him and I came filling the condom up his sweet tight ass. Only afterwards did he tell me I was the biggest cocked guy he'd had in years.
    From then on most lunch times we'd meet up at various places within the school grounds to fuck. After a short while I paid for us to be checked out at a STD clinic, and we were both given the all clear. I wasn't screwing around and he gave me all the assurances he could, my cock was his only pleasure. From then on we fucked bareback and began to fuck outside of school hours too. My libido went through the roof and I found sex once a day wasn't enough.

    Some days I'd drive into work early just to fuck him without any foreplay. Then if I didn't get to screw that gorgeous ass of his during my munch hour, I'd take him to a motel after school and fuck him there, telling my wife, not that she cared, I'd been marking pupils books.

    We had a four year sexual relationship before I had to leave to look after my extremely ill wife. She thankfully recovered and got a clean bill of health after a long fight with cancer. Then out of the blue during a shopping trip without my wife present, I met the janitor out with his fiancee. Right there in front of her, he introduced me as the teacher who used to fuck him. I went bright red, recovered a little then went bright red again when she told him, he should reacquaint himself with my cock.

    It was back to the condoms, but we met up a few times a week at the same motel we used to fuck in. During those times our sex became as sordid as I've ever had sex, and his asshole took a pounding each and every time. the sex was less frequent which only built up my reserves of semen and my desire for ever more sexually inventive ways to fuck him.
    I developed a kink for rimming his ass, something I still have to this day, and I also began to fuck him bareback again after checks. His fiancee became his wife and although we never had sex with her present, we carried on less frequently as sexual partners.

    It all stopped one Shitty rainy night when he crashed his motor cycle on his way to her mothers. At his funeral his wife sought me out and said "He was never as happy as he was with you. Thank you for being so good to my husband".
    It's all in the past now and I miss him. But with my wife taking more and more time to play golf nowadays, I invite a young nineteen year old around who lives a couple of doors away. He's a horny little bastard, who just loves this older mans cock deep up his tiny white boys ass.

    Just wish I had the energy to fuck him more than I do.

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    The age of my profile states 52, I'm actually 62. Pressed the wrong key.
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    I’ll be your bottom. Where do you live?!
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    Great confession...thanks for sharing.

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