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    Straight Female / 20

    Last weekend with my boyfriend Liam flat out on the couch after drinking too much during a night out in Belfast. And with me trying to arouse him, his father Sean walked in. He caught me sucking on his sons limp cock, but rather than getting angry as we/I was trying to have sex in his home, he asked me if he could offer me "something firmer".
    I'm not sure if it was the drink or just me wanting sex so much, I said "Go on then show me what you've got".
    Liam is six inches and average thickness. Sean his father is about three inches longer (I didn't measure the fucker) and I'd say at least half as thick again, as he proved by dropping his trousers and undies.
    I was like a bitch on heat as I sucked in his cock. So with his son literally only feet away snoring, I sucked on my boyfriends fathers cock and it was awesome. His dick pulsed so much in my mouth I thought he was goiing to cum at any minute. But he just carried on fucking my mouth and moaning out loud. After a few minutes he told me to lay across the arm of the sofa his son was asleep on and remove my knickers. My short skirt rode up and I took off my knickers as I did as he asked. Only as soon as Sean began to lick my pussy, his son began to move and eventually woke up.
    Only just, we got ourselves sorted and I heard my boyfriend slur out "What de fuck is happening". it was only then I realised I'd left his limp dick out. Sean quickly walked into the kitchen and I made out we'd tried to have sex. Liam put his cock away and Sean walked back in smiling. Not much was said as Liam was too embarrassed to got into a conversation, but I couldn't help flashing Sean as Liam struggled to stay awake.
    Nothing else happened that night, but Sean did send me a text the next day saying "I'm over in England all week, love to carry on where we left off next weekend". Just found out Liam is going over to watch the Merseyside derby leaving his dad and I alone until Monday morning. We'll have all day Saturday and Sunday for me to find out if my boyfriend's father is a better fuck. Can't wait, sure hope he is.

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    Yeah he a better fuck. You've already decided that. But, to keep things from going bad, you need to do them both at the same time first. Then the boyfriend will accept you for the whore you are, or will move on and you can have Sean all you want. Just don't destroy your boyfriend. He is innocent. You are dad are shit. But if boyfriend will accept you as a whore and daddy using his whore".........there are plenty of bigger dicks around. Like your brother maybe
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    Hopefully this poster can disregard #2 comments. Boy is hopped up on speed or crack or some jiveass crap.

    Anyhow, by now I'm sure this girl has been bedded by his father & has found how much better it is to get laid by him. His superior penile size alone most likely rendered that a home winner.

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