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    Straight Female / 47

    Thi s is new to me and am not sure if this happens to other women but I'd love to know. I am married to who i always thought was the love of my life and i have always been faithful until the last of the kids moved out.

    I guess we both have empty nest syndrome but he has his work and golf. We were both lonely after our second child went to college. But the kid's were more my life then his. He loves his kids but i was the more present parent. They were my life!

    I got depressed, and I shamefully gained a few pounds, not to much, but enough that while still having sex my husband's appetite for it slowed. I went back to the gym, got really in to aerobic exercise, not just the machines, but the jazzerise classes, and cross bike classes and i not only shed pounds fast but i got lean and tight in places i had been flabby for years. Even at 47 I am attractive and i know it, but now i am active and in the best shape in life. Guys have always cat called me, flirted, and propositioned me, for me it is par for the course. But i had a happy family life and no reason to want to cheat. I was unprepared for guys at the gym flirting with me at this stage of life. It honestly began to excite me and i engaged it a little to much because it was fun, and i even led a few guys along on purpose for the attention because it felt great!

    Kyle, a 30 something, also married man, but at least 15 years younger then me man was relentless if his flirting, and constantly taking classes i took, inviting me to coffee, and making no secret of casually mentioning he has step out on his wife before. I kind of think i am fucked in the head and sho see a shrink or something, because normally a man telling me he cheats of his faithful wife and repulse me, i mean that is the proper response a woman has to that kind of thing. But honestly, it was turning me on, that he was so open about it to me, and that he was so good at getting away with it. I got is a really stupid habit of having coffee with him all the time after work outs.

    I should feel ashamed, and i feel guilty that i really don't, but after 23 years of 100 percent being a faithful wife i let Kyle take me to a hotel room and i cheated on my husband. I was so turned on that like Kyle i was getting away with it and no one would know. Being that i was in the best shape of my life we kept the lights on and i rode the hell out of Kyle like he was a stationary cross bike in our class! I felt so sexy naked, exposed, and riding this guy 15 years younger them me, hearing him groan and moan under me, watching him play with my boobs and stare at me in bliss, omg i had the best orgasms of my life, i was in full control of the sex!

    I did not have an affair with Kyle, just sex (on a few occasions now), i don't need a boyfriend, i have a husband, but i love feeling so desired on that level and so in control of the sex. I keep cheating not for love but to feel that spark of desire and to be the one in control of it.

    It's been 6 months, an i have cheated with 4 other men. I am more careful to make them random and people who can't be traced back. Like a said, i get cat called and flirted with all the time, but these days if the guy is cute, and lucky, i take him up but just for sex as a one or two time thing. I practice safe sex and make sure no one can ever know but i can't seem to stop or stoop thinking about it. And the more i do it the more it makes me more sexually aggresive and bold with my husband in bed.

    Is this normal or do i really need a shrink?

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    Well, it's normal by society's standards, but if it were me, I would try to have the same passion for your husband. I know it's different than the buzz that you feel when Kyle enters the room, but it can actually happen. I know, it happened to me.

    Happy orgasms!
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    For me, marriage generally kills sex. I have cheated and did not indulge in self pity or pity for anyone else but enjoyed sex of all kinds (with women). Eventually my marriage ended and I have less luck getting laid than when I was married. Curiously, my ex-wife comes around once in a while and fucks my brains out now that we are no longer married. She rides me like Bronco Billy. She also gets hot and asks me to tell her about any sexual adventures I have. She's a changed woman but I will never marry again.
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    Well ask yourself this question. If you found out right now that your husband was out screwing hot 30 year old women during his free time. What would you think? If your answer is you'd be angry then congratulations your're a cheating, hypocritical asshole. If you'd be fine with it then you're a cheating asshole.
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    You should have kept your mouth shut until you are taking a load of cum.

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