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    Every chance we get we fuck at their home, usually on their marital bed, but I have fucked Kate all over their home. And all this began because her shithead of husband punched and kicked me to shit, for daring to look at his wife when he'd been drinking. My mom wanted to press charges as I was put in hospital overnight, but Kate begged us not to go the police. I liked kate and knew her husband bullied her, so I told my mom I'd handle it.
    It was nearly two weeks later when she saw me walking up our path. She told me her husband was away for couple of days and said she'd love to make it up to me, and thank me for not calling the cops. When I asked her what she had in mind, thinking it might be money, Kate said "I'd do anything in bed with you".
    I shit you not, over the next two hours in their home I had my cock sucked, I licked out her pussy and ass and I fucked both her love holes. And not just once. She even sucked me off once I'd cum up her sweet tight thirty two year old ass. Kate went absolutely crazy for my cock and told me once we'd stopped having sex, that her husband's dick is only five inches in length and quite slim, which makes him really conscious about other males looking at her. Still it doesn't give him the right to beat people up just because he's a got a beautiful wife. Even if my cock is a lot bigger than his.
    She did say it would be a one off to say sorry in a proper way, but the very next day she called by and asked me if I was busy that evening. Cancelling a date I had with a girl my age, I spent another amazing time fucking Kate in her kitchen first, then in their shower as I busted my nut up her asshole twice. Again she sucked me off afterwards and then made me lick her out as she stood under the shower head.
    It's been nearly five months now that I've ben fucking my neighbors wife. And each time we fuck Kate wants and likes the sex to be more and more horny. If I'd have known Kate was as dirty as she is in bed, I'd have been fucking her well before her dickhead husband beat me up. As it is I get to fuck her at least twice a week and sometimes up to five times a week. And believe me there's no chance of us stopping anytime soon either, as Dickhead has just gotten himself a job which will mean he's away from home more often.

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