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    It's been five times now I've watched my step dad fuck my mom, and he knows I'm watching them too. He tells my mom he likes to leave their bedroom door open as it gets too stuffy for him, so she lets him fuck her with the door half open. His cock is massive compared to my boyfriends and I find myself rubbing my pussy and clit as I watch them fuck. He's seen me playing with myself and it only seems to make him fuck my mom harder. Last week I watched her ride his cock anally and I was so turned on I made myself orgasm jst before my mom cried out from her own orgasm.
    I'm niot sure if he'd ever want to fuck me, but if he did I'd have to decide if I was going to have him cheat on my mom. The thing is if he asked I don't think I could deny him and his huge cock my mouth, pussy and ass.

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    Written by a male fantasist.
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    I don't know about #1 but if the posting is legitimate, then a couple things. You don't want him to make you pregnant so make sure he wears a condom when he fucks you. Secondly, someday you will move out and live your own life. You will be fucked by others but you will always wonder what it would have been like to have been fucked by him. Dad is such a special person in your life. To consummate your love for him by being sexually intimate is something you will remember your whole life. I wanted to be intimate with my mother right up to until I moved out of the house at 23. She kept saying, "Your father will find out, your father will find out...". Now it is too late. She never let me go "all the way". Perhaps your dad will want to go all the way with you. Just ask him at the right time.
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    Wish my 2 step daughters were like you. I would of loved to have fucked them. Not with their mom anymore but still would fuck the 2 girls well grown women now. The younger one now 28 did see my cock a couple of times over the years but nothing ever happen.

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