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    Straight Female / 51

    I'm not a prude so I don't object when my husband buys a porn magazine or dvd. We still have a good sex life.

    Once in a while he insists on sharing these items with me, and I don't object. However, I am curious about one thing. I admit that I've never had sex with another man, but I'm wondering if most men are as endowed as the men in the mag's and dvd's? This seems particularly true with the black men.

    When I posed this question to my husband he told me that these guys are the exception, not the rule. True?

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    Those dudes are obviously hand-picked for size. Everyone enjoys looking at the large cocks, if nothing else. All men, no matter the skin tone, average at 5 inches. Look it up anywhere on Web MD or Google it if it seems erroneous to you. I was a US Navy (medic) Corpsman and I have seen thousands of cocks. The posted stats on line (and in medical literature) are correct.
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    #1 is correct, The porn industry hand picks these men who are above average size as it looks good on screen, And as for black men that they are all very well hung is part myth part fantasy they are no more well hung than white men, The average size is 5-7 inches depending on the study you read, My advice is ignore the porn and grab your man at least he's real.
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    Husband is right! Those guys are the exception. Have seen many a cock in my day from PE showers, YMCA and other locker rooms, years in the service, nude modelling, college streaking, naturist resorts, etc and have seen virtually the same sizes, both large and small, from men of all different racial and ethnic lines Some of the smallest cocks I've seen have been on large, black men and the largest cocks have been on short, slightly built white guys. So much for stereotypes.
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    My pecker is almost 6 inch. No woman has ever complained about it even when I see ginormous cocks in porn every day
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    as a black male age 60. my dick is 7 and very thick inches and that is that.
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    as a white man also age 60 my cock too is 7 inches and very thick. cock head was measured by a girlfriend at 6 inches around. i dont consider it huge but every girl ive been with say it is.

    just like the huge fake cums in porn, theres only a few black or white that size. but sure i would continue the myth to make women think that too if i were black, lol.

    average for any male any race is 5 inches.
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    50ish White male here. My cock is exactly 6 inches, uncut, average girth. I've always thought it was small, but most of the women I've been with have said that its average and even bigger than some they've had. But not BIG by any means. Both my ex, and current wives have said its average to within half an inch to one inch either way. Each of them have been with a couple of guys with 8-9 inch cocks, and they DID love them for fucking and sucking. But they didn't care much for the guys they were attached to.
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    Comments #1 through 3 are sensible, genuine & rational. Then of course as usual, 5,6 & 7 had to get their imagined data & numbers to a imagined survey posted to make them feel better. I'm sure the female who posted the question knows that the media is capable of creating whatever they want society to believe, such as the fallacy of n_i_gg_e_r_s having larger genitalia. The media continues the erroneous concept for some foolish reason however she can put herself at ease now. We all support & reiterate the response she had from her spouse.
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    #8 - jealous, lol. yes her hubby and 1-3 are right, but there are exceptions, 4-7 are right too. the 12" in porn is rare regardless of race. and no one cums that much, you can buy the fake cum and squirt equipment on line.
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    #9 appears not only jealous yes ; also ignorant to the real world. Being a conspicuous liberal, the most likely transexual eats the lies right up because liberals don't believe anyone lies. Liberals also don't believe in q_u_ee_r_s. They are busy with labels ; finding a foolish title for anyone who doesn't agree with their ignorance.
    #9 tries to recover themselves at the end, however they only prove to finish their drowning in stupidity.

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