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    Straight Female / 26

    Hello :) well I will post here my confession, so if you will consider this boring just excuse me for getting this off my chest.So... I started having panic attacks for some time more frequently lately than I wish. The feeling that I have in that moment of major anxiety attacks is just horrible I feel like suffocating and my heart rate goes very high I feel like colapsing and it's just awful. It all started due to a lot of stress I will start a new job in a month, a job that I've been waiting for my entire life. I am excited but scared also because it envolves a lot o hard working and dedication. I think that the whole job subject is not the only reason for my problem it might also be the lack of fulminent in my life.

    Maybe it is just an age crisis I will be soon 27 years old with no bf/fiancee/husband and no kids despite the fact that I always wanted to have my own family. I was always too busy studying or working than taking care of my love life. I know that I am still young but it's such a pity because life is so short and only now I realised that you have to enjoy every minute of your existence. I sometimes feel that I should find a moment just for myself to forget everything and everyone, just to relax and find something or someone to make me happy.

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