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    Straight Male / 19

    Hey there guys, im a 19 year old guy from Cape Town SA...
    Over the past few years i have been fantasizing over dicks, all kinds if dicks , how it would taste, smell, feel in my hand ,mouth and inside of me.

    Im just a normal guy that fucks girls but i would really like to be used by a manly guy and fucked so that i would always love dicks.

    Im just so scared to hookup with another guy, i chicken out when we chat or arrange something? What should i do? I really wana taste a nice dick but to discreet...

    Any pointers?

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    I'm in Ghana.Contact me on itony1458@@g***l.**m so we arrange
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    I had been in Cape Town on business for 2 weeks (3rd trip there in 2 years. On my return 21 hour non stop flight to Atlanta I set beside a very handsome man who lives in Cape Town (on his way to the US for business). That is one long flight so you learn a lot about yours mate, who is married too. Somewhere mid flight he began top rub his knee against mine and I rubbed back. He was in the aisle seat and I was in the middle seat and another man in the window seat. When the over head lights went dim and the other passenger fell asleep we started groping each others cocks through our pants. Atlanta was his destination and a change over for me. When we got to Atlanta I changed my last flight for 6 hours went with him to his hotel and enjoyed the biggest dick I've ever seen on any man. Now, when I am in Cape Town he and I spend as much time as possible together.
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    Why not try a gay sauna - there's one in Cape Town called the Hothouse. Always wear condoms.

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