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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 40

    Five years ago I re-entered the workforce. I was a stay at home mom and wife for twelve years and I couldn't take it anymore.
    It all started to get to me and it hurt my relationship with my family.
    This job is in an office and required some nights and travel.
    The President of the company liked me and my work from day one and showed me special attention because I could get the job done.
    When I was picked to head up a project, I was allowed to pick my team. I picked everyone for their talents except Mike.
    Truthfully, Mike is a mediocre team member at best, but every time I got near him I would get butterflies. He's not even that great looking, but there was just something about him.
    Anyway, we had to work late on the project several times and I would dismiss the entire team except Mike. This happened several times before he figured it out.
    On the last occasion, he asked me why he was always staying with me.
    I just came out and said it. "I was hoping you'd figure out that I wanted to be alone with you."
    He seemed shocked. He asked me , Really?
    I just smiled at him, doing my best to be seductive.
    It had been so long since I had even been with my own husband much less another man, I didn't know if I could do it anymore.
    It worked. He leaned in and kissed me. We peeled each other's clothes off right there in the office. We had sex on my desk.
    This went on for about a month. Even after the project was over, we would both find reasons to stay late.
    I was beginning to feel bad though.
    My husband is a good husband and I was taking out my unhappiness on him. I began to realize that what was happening was just a fling and I wanted my family.
    I talked to Mike and told him, that I wanted to be with my husband. He was very understanding and never made it akward.
    I went home and confessed what I had done. I expected to get yelled at, threatened with a divorce, but no.
    My husband just said he suspected what was going on. I asked him why he didn't say anything. He said he was just happy to have me back. Now I really felt lousy. I told him it is over and he never asked any questions.
    When I went to work the next day, the President called me in to a meeting. He told me that people were talking about me and Mike. He said he didn't believe the rumors about us, but that I needed to be careful about my reputation. I thanked him and said I will be more aware of how I come across.
    It has been several years now. Mike and I still work together and I sometimes think about what happened and wonder if he does too.
    I know this sounds awful, but it really turns me on when I talk with him and my husband is there.
    My husband says that my affair saved our marriage and never asked who it was. The truth is that sometimes I want to do it again.
    I've come close a few times.

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    Wow a honest whore they do exist.A
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    You would have been out on the street if your husband was a real man. You would get no second chance. Consider yourself lucky so far. Any more affairs will probably end your marriage. Besides, how do you know that your husband isn't doing the same also?
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    My husband caught me having sex with my boss during lunch break. We saved our marriage. It is uncomfortable working with my boss after ending our affair.
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    The truth is once you cross the line an cheat once, you always will again, even if it takes years, you will cheat again.
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    Number 4 is right you can take the woman out of the whore house but you cant take the whore out of a whore.
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    After 2 daughters entered school I started working. I was with my boss more than my husband. I had sex with both.
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    Trying to explain being a whore is useless. Once a whore always a whore. Trying to rationalize to help you feel better doesn't change then facts WHORE.
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