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    Straight Female / 46

    I grew up in a mid size mid western city. I was born in the early 50s. As a child I took piano lessons and the professor ran his hands up and down my legs, inside my thighs, pushed the back of his hand against my vulva, kissed me soundly on the mouth, patted my bottom, showed me his dick, got a hard on while we sat at the piano, had me stroke his dick, had me bend over the piano while he inserted his dick in my vagina. I loved him, I loved being touched, held, kissed, fondled, and I enjoyed the feeling of his hard dick in my vagina.

    When I was 15 I rode the bus to school and a new boy started school, he was from Argentina and his parents had moved to our town where his dad was the new bank president. One day he told me to get off the bus with him close to his house, we walked around, went to this park close to his house, he showed me his dick and got me on the ground and fucked me real good. It was my first real fucking, with somebody my own size and his dick went all the way in and it felt good.

    We fucked a lot, we had this place in the park that pretty well hidden and that's where we went to fuck. His dick was uncircumcised, but I learned how to peel back his foreskin to suck him. I guess I was a regular tramp. He told some of his friends about me and soon I had a lot of attention at school and was fucking after school. I liked fucking and I liked being naked, I liked letting the boys see my breasts. This was the mid sixties and I knew about getting pregnant so when the time wasn't right for me, I made the boys pull out and spread their stuff on my stomach or back. I didn't get pregnant.

    I got a scholarship, not a big one, but a scholarship to go to college and became a school teacher. I fucked the principal, who was married with five kids. I fucked with him and he always took care of me. Later on I met this preacher, he was a new minister at our church and I started fucking with him. With him I did get pregnant and ended up married with three kids.

    I like to fuck, I suck but I prefer to fuck. I was careful with my daughters, I didn't want them around a dirty old man like my piano teacher, but that doesn't mean I didn't like getting kissed and felt up and fucked a little by him.

    One day in an open discussion with a woman friend from the church I told her that women were born to fuck. If God didn't want us to fuck why did he make it so good. She took offense at that, but that is why her husband ran around on her. He had found someone else to fuck.

    I told my daughters when they were in their junior and senior years at high school to fuck but be careful. By then it was easy to get them birth control. My view was that they should enjoy their bodies while they are young. Soon they were going to be growing babies and baby hell was going to take over their lives. Baby hell lasts a long long time, baby after baby, and then you have them around as kids. My husband, who quit the ministry and became a school counselor tells me that all day every day there are these issues of girls at school who got fucked by some boy and the school is supposed to stop it. There is no stopping it. It just feels too good to stop.

    Sorry if I offended you, I know a lot of women in particular are offended with my views. All I ask, tell me what feels better than a man on top fucking you. Anything? I'm listening.

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    I'm certain you won't hear or see anything printed here that honestly feels as good, satisfying or pleasurable than what you said ; a man on top of you, Fucking you, and at best, ejaculating a large dose of his semen at your cervix. Agreed, it's just the Best!
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    You guys only think this because you've never been with a woman. :)
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    My husband and I dated 4 years. We waited till after high school to start sex. I wish we had started at 15 years old. We love sex and canât get enough now.
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    I prefer the man underneath me. I'm a frustrated cowgirl.
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    hmmmm, it's clear #4 must plan on being frustrated for a long time, hehe.
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    Well I wish the original poster was my woman, wife, fuckbuddy or whatever. She should be president of the USA. Then we could move on with reality in perspective instead of the two-faced bullshit lives women live today. Most are self centered and are monsters when not happy. Others are monsters to their own advantage ruining the lives of the women who fell to modesty.

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