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    Straight Male / 39

    I "catfished" a college age cutie off a "sugar daddy" site and she gave me video sex everyday (sometimes repeatedly many times a day) for over a year.

    It started out she needed school money and I did give her some very low level donations and gifts at first then i convinced her to fall in love with a fictional version of me. It was not long before she forgot all about money and was telling me she was in love with and was making plans to run away together, that never worked out, but what did work out was lots of video stream sex which included some pretty hardcore penetrations of all her holes with sex toys and vibes while she watched me beat off and pop loads for her.

    We lived in different states and lots of creative reason meet ups and visit never came together but did not stop the fun. They say love is blind. Her's was very blind but sexting, dirty sex phone calls, and all i wanted video sex was hard to turn down from a hot eager college when she was so willing and free with it and wanted to show me her love. I had not given her a penny in over a year (and what i gave her before was very small) and she still got me off as much as i needed or wanted or we could fit in to our schedules.

    Eventually, i cut her loose and admitted i was using her for sex, still she came back for more a few times and to try and change my mind and become a real couple until she finally got a local sugar daddy and focused on him for real.

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    College girls are such hoes this days i love it. I am in a college town and there is no shortage of girls sugaring or straight up escorting. School cost so much and grad date rates so high, they spread those legs easy for almost anything you give. As an old married guy, i love it!
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    cat-fishing stupid women with webcams is my favorite internet hobby! It is a blast@@

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